Whee! 6 solid hours of Java homework! I’m feelin’ good!

And that kid in my Film Noir class never dropped off the DVD by my room, so I don’t have to worry about watching a 1.5-hour movie and writing a review on it before going to sleep! I have an excuse! *grooves*

Meanwhile, Vote for Magsby!

GUH. Cannot… break… eye-contact…

(And Alli is adoreable. They are so cute together!)

And I assume all Billeh fans have seen these pictures. There are no words. None at all. Not one. Because it’s all said in the expression on John Noble’s face.

Very curious what Liv was looking for. I mean, Billy has his fellowship tattoo on his ankle! Elijah is the one with his tattoo on his hip!

How appropriate!



Your muse is Thalia, the Flourishing. She is the muse of comedy, and her symbol is the comic mask. You love comedy, whether it be Monty Python, Mel Brooks, Terry Pratchett, or Jim Carey. I have no doubt I’ll see you on Comedy Central sometime soon…

Which of the Nine Muses is your muse?

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Hmm… I wonder if I should scrap my current in-progress layout and bite the bullet and just do a layout inspired by the Nine Muses. I am such a wuss. :D

Out of curiosity, I ran a UPenn directory search. Apparently there are four Priscillas in the entire university. Well, three students and one “directory guest”, whatever that is.

I am a unique and beautiful snowflake.

Meanwhile, we’re finally getting into Photoshop in my Digital Design Foundations class, and I’m going to be doing some portrait photography for our first project. I just dug out Otto, my beloved Nikon N-80, from underneath its pile of clothes and shoes in my closet, looked through the eyepiece, and fell in love with photography all over again. How could I have strayed so long from Mark and Otto? I love my little Melvin, but his 1.8″ LDC screen just can’t compare with the sensation of looking through a viewfinder. And no playing with lenses and filters for Melvin, alas.

I think that when I redo my “Who’s Who” listing, I’m going to include my cameras. Otherwise, people might get scared. I mean… wait. Wow, I’m between a rock and a hard place here.

Thought to ponder: Have I ever named any of my beloved technological devices after females? I can’t think of a single one.

Ugh. First I find out that John Rhys-Davies, who seemed so educated and eloquent in the TTT:EE commentary, is a racist bigot, and now it’s Orson Scott Card‘s, author of one of my favourite books, turn to lose my respect.

Dylan has already voiced perfectly my reaction to this statement, so I’ll point you to her response.

Absolutely unbelieveable.

Not cool.

After reviewing the incidents of the first two days of assassins, it has been decided that assassins will be suspended indefinitely. I apologize on behalf of those who took it too far to the point that it was no longer a game, but offensive behavior of that nature can not be allowed to continue. The entire game will be made void and no points will be awarded. Should assassins be attempted again later in the semester, it will be a fresh start and the participation and kills from the past few days will have no bearing on who may or may not participate. If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you for your patience, and again I am sorry that it had to come to this.

-Jonathan Korman

And Ajes: Are you Ajes Blue, who wrote those fabulous Percyfics? Can I have your babies?

A fun thing to do: While waiting the last few minutes for laundry to finish drying, sing in the delightfully echoey stairwells. It’s past 1AM, no one is on the stairs to hear me. “Steward of Gondor” goes over particularly well.

And for new Lincolnite Ajes’ sake, I shall recount the story of my first kill. His name was Julian Diaz, and he was not in the facebook, the cheapskate. Fortunately, Giselle and Chris, who work in the Comissary (the mini-store for snacks and basic necessities), recognized his name and knew that he worked in the Comissary as well! So Giselle looked up his work schedule, and lo and behold, he was working that evening! What luck! So later that night, I trooped down with Giselle, Tricia, and Carmen and waited for the shift change, which should have already taken place, but Julian was late. I let him settle in a bit, then waited for him to get busy attending to a customer, then pegged him with a sock when no one was looking. And my first target was justly executed! Go me!

And now, a bit of light reading for Communications, and sleep!

And this is what happens when I don’t keep up with the papers.

Let’s hope he stays away from West Philly. Heck, let’s hope he’s caught. I’m definitely going to bring a friend with me if I ever have to walk around after dark.