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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Woo. Fanquarter gallery updated. Yay. My, aren't we energetic this morning.

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Muaha, callbacks today. I was one of four pairs brought out to play Viola and Sebastian, so I at least stand a chance at the part. Just one senior ahead of me, if I remember correctly, so I can't eliminate hope altogether. Plus, if I don't get a role (there are only 4 or 5 for girls -- I don't think he's using a chorus this time), I can try out for the student production of "Kiss Me, Kate", which is always nifty. And I'm going to help out with set production at Jesuit, so it's all good. Ignore that last post about the show; chalk it up to that time of the month.

I really have to "brush up on my Shakespeare". I must have been too sheltered to understand a lot of the jokes when I read some of the plays for school. Hilarious stuff. Still, so many books, so little time. ::sigh:: What kind of world do we live in when people have seen or read dozens of parodies of Shakespeare but never the source material? Crazy place, this planet. Remind me never to go there.

Meanwhile, the quiz demon in me has won out. I'll be good, I promise.

Hitchhiker's Guide Character: Near tie between Ford and Zaphod, but in the end, the ego came out on top.

Maturity Test: I am somewhat immature.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Priscellie would like to take a moment to say that Partial Derivative Calculus is made especially not-fun when you have a History test to study for and an English paper to write, but what you want to be doing is recording the next "Men at Arms" song. Curse my parents for getting back early! ::pouts:: So annoying. And those stupid backwards-6 d thingies look too much like the number 2. Bah! I'm a junior in high school! Why am I taking weird calculus courses? I don't even want to go into engineering anymore! Whine, whine, whine. Meh upon all homework.

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Oh, good lord. In Multimedia Engineering, my group started playing with this application that would display notes in music. To test it, Jill spoke and I sang into the microphone. Unfortunately, I sang a bit too loudly. And the classroom doors were open. My friend Ashley reports that the class across the hall, Patrizi chemistry, was unexpectedly seranaded with the score to "West Side Story" while working on homework. At one point, Mr. Patrizi entered the classroom from his office, pantomiming the actions of a histrionic opera singer. Now Patrizi's class is abuzz with amusement. And I had no idea this was going on. Next time I get the urge to burst into song, I'm closing the doors beforehand.

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Monday, February 25, 2002

Faith says she wants the next Diary to be Vimes. Cause to ponder. Before, I thought that I wouldn't be able to do Vimes, as the Watch books tend to have a lot of Vimes limited 3rd person POV stuff already. Then I thought of "The Truth" and "The Last Hero". Muaha. Subject to change, but I think the next will be Vimes in "The Last Hero". Very amusing. I'm also making progress on Angua in "Men at Arms", so those two should be posted eventually. Hurrah! Attempting to write from Carrot's point of view is just scary. Don't try this at home, kids.

Also high on my list: Vetinari in "Feet of Clay" (muah!), The Luggage (Color of Magic? Interesting Times?), Nobby (Guards! Guards!)

Or possibly: Twoflower (Color of Magic?), Death (Dunno. Jingo?)

Any other suggestions?

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Me: I don't think I've ever done a pink website. I hate pink.
Chungy: Your website now is pink! It ranges from pink to orange to blue...
Me: It's not pink, it's pastel red!

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Holy Percy! There *is* someone that spells Eleanor without the extra "e"! My alterego is redeemed! Thank you, Tolkien! ::mocks Elanor Gamgee and pokes Elanor Rosenthal with a sharp stick::

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Random tnm.n update: added my "Secret Diaries" to "Stuff" and added a Guestbook. I'll probably add graphics (like Kell's) later, but schoolwork calls. Meh.

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::throws a fit:: Why, why WHY did I try out for Hockaday? Sure, I'm a fairly good actress, but Mr. Blaydes takes seniors. Just because Drama Legend Jennifer Clary got leading roles from 2nd semester sophomore year, on, doesn't mean I'm in the same boat. I think I did well on my reading, but there are always seniors. Plus, I don't know if I really look enough like any of the St. Marks guys to be Viola. ::kicks stuff:: I should have tried out for Jesuit. All day, I was lost. No one would give me any advice, leaving me to flounder around on my own. Eventually, I settled on turning on my car CD player after school and going to Jesuit if the track was odd-numbered and Hockaday if it was even-numbered. Curse you, track 16. Now I'm probably going to end up with some chorus part. Arg. ::whines:: Still have a chance, though. Gotta cross my fingers.

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Eeep! Must do something for Sundowner thing! ::flails::

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Well, today is the moment of truth. I have to decide if I want to reach for a fantastic role (written for someone like me) that I have slim chances of getting with a director I'm not incredibly fond of (who likes me), or if I want to practically be guaranteed one of several silly roles in a play I loathe with the most fantastic director in the universe (who loves me). Viola/Cesario in "The Twelfth Night" or one of countless inanimate, ambiguously gendered objects in "The Little Prince". I think I'm going to have to go with "Twelfth Night". It's the only way I'll be in Mr. Blayes good book for the musical next year. Mrs. Felice will understand that I just want to try Shakespeare, and that I'd rather try out for Jesuit any day of the week. Rarg.

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Faith asks: Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you didn't draw?

I would have completely different online friends. I met some of the most wonderful people in the world because of a shared interest in drawing. I would probably be some boring engineer when I grew up, instead of being motivated to pursue the field of graphic or product design. I wouldn't have done so well in my digital photography course, because 3/4 of my success had to do with my mastery of Photoshop from my CGs. Plus, having a Wacom tablet helped! Ugh, not drawing would be hell. What would I do in history class if I couldn't doodle in the margins? And I never would have been inspired to write "Men at Arms: The Musical" if I hadn't been initally motivated to draw the scene where Angua imagines Carrot bursting into song. Good lord, that would be hell. So many creative outlets, gone. The JETS t-shirts would probably suck, because we have so few artists, and I'm the one that did our shirts the past two years. In fact, I don't even know where I'd be in JETS! If I didn't draw, I wouldn't have gotten much experience with designing webpages, so I wouldn't want to ressurect the position of Webmistress. I'd probably have to run against my best friend for the position of Vice-President. Ugh! I wouldn't have gotten recognition from my school's Fine Arts website. Yucky. If I didn't draw, chances are, I'd be a really boring person. I'd probably be off reading or actually doing homework somewhere. ::shudders::

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Sunday, February 24, 2002

::jabs livejournal with a fork:: Why are you being so evil today?

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Annoying "Pink Eyeliner" pop up thing fixed. Meh.

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Okay, kids! Time to tell me who I forgot! Links. Shame upon the lot of you for not providing properly sized linking images.

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::squeals:: How could I have not noticed this before? She must have edited her post, the tricky lass. Rejoice at Faith's new Watch picture! ::hearts Faith:: And while you're at it, go swoon over all the rest of her new art.

Priscilla said at 11:29 AM


::snickers:: Utter amusement. Someone on StarlingArt just quoted the Brazillian translation of "Good Omens" in her sig file.

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H'rah, finally got updated at Fanquarter. I think I'll move my favourite HP stuff to Fanquarter as well. ::pokes Elfwood's idiotic HP policy with a stick:: No idea what I'll keep in Loth. Bah. Maybe my "Apology to all Legolas Fans", considering how the Elfwood mods have a soft spot for anything LotR-related. But you never know, they may consider it Elvis fanart. ::frowls:: Is there any way to just transfer an image from Loth to a Fanquarter gallery? I don't want to lose all my comments. Plus, deleting the images from Loth and uploading them to Fanquarter will take twice as long. Mrah.

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Saturday, February 23, 2002

Hurrah for Faith! Visit her swoopy new sketchblog!

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I'm working on my links section tonight. If you think I love you, give me a comment poke and make sure you're added. I am lazy, forgetful, and foolhardy. Tralala.

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Hurrah! Check out nifty photography and revisit nifty V-day collabs at tnm.n art section!

New schtuff:
Harry Potter Valentine (Adeline) Lockhart's 'Cupid' Valentine (Adeline) Peeves Valentine (Alicey) Boots Fence #3 Football Equestrian Crossing Mother and Father
Not a Drop to Drink Reeds Cattails Dandelion Theresa Keep Out #1 Fruit Cross #1

Comment or I'll cry.

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Squeal! There's a really good chance that my mom and I are going to be able to have Mother-Daughter photographic show at Kathleen's Art Cafe! Woo! Go us! The manager loves the work, and she thinks that the owners will like it, too. We're setting up an appointment to meet with them and discuss pricing and such soon. Muaha. And expect an update for the art section of tnm.n tonight. I'm putting up my photography and the few odd CGs I've done recently. Tralala.

Priscilla said at 5:48 PM


Did you know that Ethel Merman was born Ethel Zimmerman? She changed her name because she didn't think it would fit on a marquee. "Priscilla Spencer" has more letters than "Ethel Zimmerman". Maybe if I make it on Broadway, I'll change my name to Cilla Spencer. Heck, It worked for Cilla Black.

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Old wallet bad. Got a new wallet. 'S got a monkey on it.

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Thursday, February 21, 2002

Hmm. There was a 1928 movie musical entitled "A Modern Priscilla". I wonder what it's about...

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Why do I have the "chipmunkized" version of Rent's "Another Day" stuck in my head? Gah.

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I should have given up online quizzes for Lent...

I Am A: Neutral Good Elf Bard Cleric

Neutral Good characters believe in the power of good above all else. They will work to make the world a better place, and will do whatever is necessary to bring that about, whether it goes for or against whatever is considered 'normal'.

Elves are the eldest of all races, although they are generally a bit smaller than humans. They are generally well-cultured, artistic, easy-going, and because of their long lives, unconcerned with day-to-day activities that other races frequently conccern themselves with. Elves are, effectively, immortal, although they can be killed. After a thousand years or so, they simply pass on to the next plane of existance.

Primary Class:
Bards are the entertainers. They sing, dance, and play instruments to make other people happy, and, frequently, make money. They also tend to dabble in magic a bit.

Secondary Class:
Clerics are the voices of their God/desses on Earth. They perform the work of their deity, but this doesn't mean that they preach to a congregation all their lives. If their deity needs something done, they will do it, and can call upon that deity's power to accomplish their goals.

Find out What D&D Character Are You?

Which 80's tv toon are YOU?: Rainbow Brite

Priscilla said at 4:56 PM


Holy cow! I was just contacted by one of the Hockaday website people, and they're adding a Fine Arts section. They're choosing to highlight me as one of the featured artsy people! ::does a groovy dance:: Ooh, I'm in a good mood...

Priscilla said at 12:58 PM


::snickers:: Pervy Hobbit Fancier memorabilia. I want this one.

Priscilla said at 12:56 PM


I am Yellow!

Red: 10
Blue: 10
White: 9
Yellow: 16

Priscilla said at 9:30 AM


Everyone *must* read the first Professional Dork Mafia comic. You guys are my heroes! And that layout is beyond cool. I (or someone else) must update Espresso Ferrets with a link to you guys. Honored to host you! Also gotta add the new collabs and such... "To do" list, most definitely.

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::pokes everyone:: I posted "The V. Secret Diary of Cheery Littlebottom" in my Livejournal the other day. Anyone feel like commenting? ::flashes big, watery, pathetic, anime eyes::

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Comforting hugs and condolances to Sannali, who lost her beloved guinea pig. I can't really relate, but when my dog, Sparkey, had puppies, the "runt" was my favourite one in the litter. He had a little ring of white fur at the base of his tail, so I named him Ringo. We could tell almost right off the bat that he wasn't as healthy as the others, but we didn't expect him to die less than a day old. He died in my arms. I can't imagine how tragic it must be to lose a pet you've grown attached to over a period of years, when I felt so deeply after only a day. I'm so sorry, Sannali.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

...and Central Standard Time has it's moment. 20:02 on 20/02 in 2002. Eerie. Only to happen once more in history! Makes you feel somehow significant, doesn't it? A high point of an accounting system entirely created by humanity. Nothing in astronomical significance, but a giant for humanity. And yet, it could pass by without us even noticing. Just amazing.

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New poll. Vote. Comment with book/character of choice. Muah.

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I'm Jubilation Lee. What X-Men Character are You?

Huzzah, you're the fabulous Miss Jubilation Lee, also known as Jubilee. You're a smart-mouthed little bundle of energy who never lacks a snappy come back or witty retort. You're a bit irresponsible at times, but you can't help it if there are better things to be doing with your valuable time than studying or practicing. Pschaw!

That's me to a T. Muah. Chungy can attest to this.

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Monday, February 18, 2002

For those glibbering fools that don't read my LiveJournal: check out The Very Secret Diary of Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St-John Nobbs, Earl of Ankh, inspired by the LotR works of genius by Cassandra Claire. Am v. amused.

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::snickers:: I have the cutest daddy in the universe! For his plane trip to see my sister this weekend, he picked up a copy of "Men at Arms", without a single poke or prod from my direction. He absolutely loved it, so when he finished, he picked up "The Fifth Elephant". I'm so proud of him. ::hugs dad:: My Dad has the most amusing rugby buddies. Not only does he have a friend named Gandalf (his first name -- formerly Jerry), but I also learned that he has a friend named Nick d'Eath.

I suppose it's time to recount the Marvellous Adventures of Priscellie and Renata, plus faithful companions Chungy and Mackenzie. We shall begin at last period class on Thursday: English. We discussed a part of Thoreau's "Walden", when he talked about buying the farm as an extended metaphor to experiencing life. I wanted to suggest that he wanted to buy the farm before he "buys the farm", but I didn't think the class would recognize that "buy the farm" was military slang for "die". Curse my obscurely over-intellectual puns! Anyway, after class, Chungy, Mackenzie, and I headed off to the airport. During our hour-and-a-half wait (as we arrived two hours early), Chungy and Mack went off in search of caffiene and I guarded the luggage, working off sudden inspiration for another "Men at Arms" song. Mrah!

Anyway, lots of random stuff happened. Then we met Katie Smith at the St. Louis airport. Katie was in my carpool for 4 years, and now she's a sophomore at Wash-U. We camped out in her dorm room, stopping only to grab dinner and accidentally encounter a bunch of non-obnoxious frat boys singing a cappella songs of appreciation to the kitchen staff. Cuteness incarnate. Katie found out that her "friend" was in town for the weekend, so she left us to watch Men's Figure Skating. Go USA! Silver boy deserved bronze, bronze boy deserved silver. Muah. Silly Russians. I especially enjoyed seeing the Japanese guy skate to "Duel of the Fates" from Episode One. Go him. At one point, he gave what I interpreted to be Darth Maul horns, which amused me greatly.

The next morning, we did the Wash U info session, tour, and all the other rubbish expected of us. Go Wash U! Hurrah! Then we were off on the next plane to Chicago. I kept squealing "Only 45 minutes until I see Renata!" and such. Unfortunately, our plane was delayed slightly, but it worked out well, because the driving instructions Renata's mom got were wrong. Anyway, we had the coolest cab driver. He was from Jordan, so he had the coolest accent. You could cut steak with this accent. He asked us what we were doing in Chicago, and when Mack and Chungy mentioned a love for Engineering, he started asking us all these nifty logic puzzles. We got most of them right; it was so much fun trying to figure them out. Yayfun!

And then, even more yayfun, we met Renata in the lobby. Mackenzie craved food, so we headed to Panera, a nifty restaurant just down the block. You wouldn't believe how many restaurants there were nearby! Food heaven. There were also two mammoth bookstores -- a Borders and a Barnes and Noble right nearby. ::makes Homer Simpson lust noises:: From what I could see, Chungy and Mackenzie and Renata clicked almost instantly. Afterwards, we went to Barnes and Noble, as I insisted on getting Renata a copy of "Guards! Guards!". Unfortunately, the fiendish bookstore didn't have a copy. ::hisses:: It did, however, have a copy of "Eric", which (to my knowledge) has never been available in the United States. The bookstore redeemed itsself. Partially, at least. After that, Chungy and Mackenzie went off to exercise in the Weight Room of Doom to be in shape for lacrosse and softball tryouts, leaving Renata and me to play Harry Potter UNO in my room. We shared a great deal of nifty music, never actually getting around to playing UNO. Oh well.

We arose the next morning, eager for the Northwestern info session and tour. Even after an intolerably slow breakfast, we were still really early, so Chungy and Mackenzie went off to check out the Engineering facilities and Renata and I went off to inspect the theatres. The buildings were locked, so Renata and I quickly returned to the Admissions Office, where we whiled away our time reading Informative Pamphlets. After the tour and such, we returned to the Hotel to meet up with Mrs. Sancken for lunch. After a great deal of indecision, we finally settled on Clarke's, a restaurant most well known for its breakfasts. While this was mostly a happy dining experience, we all started flailing when "Hernando's Hideaway" came on the Muzak. Scaryness.

Anyway, Chungy and Mack went off to exercise again, so Renata and I returned to my room, where we actually *did* play UNO. This was probably the most entertaining game of UNO I have played in my life. We narrated it with Shakespearean overtones, saying things like "And Priscilla did merrily place a Draw 4 Wild upon the stack, and did declare the color to be Green", followed with "And Renata did frowl angrily at Priscilla, drawing four cards with spite and malice". Then "And Priscilla did play an 8", "And Renata volleyed with a 3", "Then Priscilla did parry heroically with a 7". Good times, good times.

After Chungy and Mack returned and showered, we drove to Chicago to see a fine example of Chicago Improv, "Little House Quite Contrary". Because we didn't have time to eat on the way, Renata gave us a bunch of Swedish fish. Mrs. Sancked suggested that if the show wasn't up to par, we could throw fish at them. "We're within fish-hurling distance!" she proclaimed. This was unnecessary. The actors hilariously improvized an episode of "Little House on the Prarie" based on scenarios we provided. For example, the major event taking place is the Annual Mollusc Festival. The foreign stranger to the town is Harold Chung-Kao-Ping (I provided the last name), who had a dark, shameful secret: he has a unibrow. This inspires Laura to want a mustache. In the end, evil shopkeeper Mrs. Olsen will learn that clams have feelings, too. Hilarity. There were all these comments about univalves and mustaches acting as a filtration device. Pa Ingalls was by far the most amusing character. He would make these random facial expressions. Impossible to describe. Funfun.

After that, we went to Greek town to eat at "The Greek Islands", a fabulous Greek restaurant. It was so entertaining to see neon Greek characters on the signs of shops nearby. Anyway, the food was fantastic. I kept stealing everyone's Saganaki. Good lord, how I love Saganaki. Then I had Avgolemino soup and Greek salad. Yummyness. Chungy fell in love with the olive oil, so she actually bought a jar to take home. Surprisingly, it survived the trip. We drove back from Chicago and alas, parted. We swore that we would get together again soon, next time in Dallas so that I could show Renata around my home turf. Hurrah!

The next morning was relatively uneventful and does not require explanation. Mack and I went to Macdonalds (oy) for breakfast, as Chungy wanted to sleep in 20 extra minutes. Because it was Sunday, I revelled in my hot chocolate. Thank God for Episcopalean Lent loopholes! Chungy remained a stick-in-the-mud and refused to eat any chocolate. Silly girl. Then home we went, and all was good and merry. The End.

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Sunday, February 17, 2002

Ah, the quizzes that await me upon my return!

HP Obsession Healthy

One of us is a spy... Who is the spy? Is it me? Is it you? Here, drink this wine... Find out what YOUR inner non-sequitur is!

What is YOUR Highschool label? Unique!

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Thursday, February 14, 2002

Can't... resist... quizzes... ::dies::

Which Action Star Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

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Though I usually feel like I hate them, there are times when I love writing journals for History class. I can write just about anything I want, and Mrs. Johnson loves them. This time, I included references to the Beatles,, Puritan stupidity, Renata and the Lincoln Impersonator, and the Electoral runaround in Florida. I came close to quoting "The Matrix", "How to Succeed...", and "The Pajama Game". Funfun. In past entries, I have referenced Discworld, Bin Laden, Dave Barry, and Electoral stupidity again. Muaha.

Priscilla said at 7:27 AM


Wednesday, February 13, 2002

::sings:: Tomorrow's Tomorrow! Day after tomorrow! I see Renata again! ::cheers wildly:: God bless you, college visits. ::pokes all Lincoln impersonators out of their hidey-holes and on to the street::

Priscilla said at 9:45 PM


I love how Livejournal gives you those fabulous "Success! Your LiveJournal has been updated!" messages. I feel like I've truly achieved something. I could be crushing the jewelled thrones of ancient civilizations beneath my sandalled feet, or valliantly achieving victory over a formidably sinister foe, but I'm just updating my Daily Sketch. But what do I see before me? "Success!" What a morale booster! "Success!" Watch as the throng of overjoyed civilians, flags waving enthusiastically, cheer as one and part to make way for an elaborately ornate float, where I stand, blowing kisses to my adoring public. "Success!" Hear them chanting my name, over and over. "Success!" Listen to their romantic ballads of my heroic feats, music of the Gods performed by the greatest musicians in the land. "Success!" Taste the sweet smell of victory, like honeyed wine, dripping from a golden chalice. "Success!" See the endless rows of suitors clammoring for my attention, each more devilishly handsome and outstandingly witty than the last. "Success!" I have updated my LiveJournal! What have you done today?

Priscilla said at 8:47 PM


Eek. After school today, I went to Eckerds, a drugstore, to pick up some stuff for my "secret pal" for V-Day. I was horrified to see that amid all the Valentinesy goodness, next to the boxes of candy, they were selling handcuffs. Mommy?

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Random News:

  • As of February 10th, 2002, I have been consistently blogging for a year. God save us all.
  • It's now semi-official! When I go college hopping this weekend, I'm getting to meet up with Renata in Chicago! ::grooves::
  • Today is Lincoln's Birthday. I started making a celebration card graphic thing, then I thought of all of my online friends who have been waiting months for their Birthday cards, and I was too amused to make a Lincoln card. Happy Birthday, Abey Baby, nonetheless.
  • Happy Mardi Gras
  • Chungy and I are giving up chocolate for Lent together. At first, I thought this was going to be a walk in the park, as I don't eat chocolate that often, anyway, but then I looked down at the chocolate milkshake I was drinking and considered the chocolate milk I drink every day at lunch, and I realized that I would have to pay a lot more attention to what I eat. No chocolate will touch these lips until Easter. Better enjoy this milkshake while I can.
  • No matter how much I love theatre, it's always such a relief to have freedom after a performance. Getting home around 4:15, I stop and wonder why the heck I'm so enthused about tryouts for the Hockaday and Jesuit spring productions on the 25th.

    Your a toothy, you have poor dental hygine and are insane. Some circles want you dead. On the upside you love life though! Take the What FMC Emoticon Are You? Quiz

    Are you Addicted to the Internet?: 58% (41% - 60%)
    You seem to have a healthy balance in your life when it comes to the internet and life away from the computer. You know enough to do what you want online without looking like an idiot (most of the time). You even have your own Yahoo club or online journal! But you enjoy seeing your friends and going out to enjoy life away from your computer.
    The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at!

    Which Firearm are you?: Alliant Techsystems Objective Individual Combat Weapon

  • Priscilla said at 9:17 PM


    Happy Mardi Gras! I've decided to give up consciousness for Lent.

    Priscilla said at 9:39 AM


    Sunday, February 10, 2002

    More bloody quizzes. This is all for you, Marcelina.


    If I were a character in Moulin Rouge, I would be Christian.
    What Moulin Rouge Character Would You Be?

    What Pattern Are You?

    Who's your Fellowship fella?

    Priscilla said at 11:52 PM


    Ah, I forgot to mention our antics before the show began! I arrived two hours early, despite the fact that I really only needed about 45 minutes to safely have time to get ready. Some blessed soul brought a laptop with a DVD player, so we all (a group of about 8 girls at the beginning) sat in the Green Room and watched Moulin Rouge. Good Percy, I adore that movie. After that, we watched Mulan. I counted about 10 Moulin/Mulan jokes from various cast members. I was amused.

    Anyway, in case you haven't found the link in another blog yet, the HPVP is up and running. Send a Harry Potter Valentines Day e-card here. Send one of my cards and I'll give you a kiss. ::pokes Tanja:: Hurrah for all the artists who participated!

    Priscilla said at 11:36 PM


    And another show is over and done with. Today was the last performance of "The Pajama Game", the musical that seemed overly nauseating at first, then became a highly entertaining (yet still ridiculously cheesy) theatrical production. As is our wont, the cast and crew pulled quite a number of pranks today, ranging from a small disco ball in the elevator to an entire line of girls spanking Sid's rear end as he walked down the line at the end of "I'm Not at All in Love". The "Steam Heat" dancers were planning to go all-out Fosse-style and wear leotards and fishnets instead of their tuxedos, but they called the plan off at the last minute, deciding it was over the top. The most amusing-yet-subtle hack came at the finale/curtain call, when Prez and I switched pajamas. I hope I can get doubles from the people who took pictures of us afterwards. Absolute hilarity. "Comfort" became a girl in an incredibly comforable pair of thick flannel pajamas, and "style" became a man in purple silk. Nothing says "style" like a man in purple silk. Don't you know it.

    Anyway, I decided to wear my wig to the cast party afterwards. After all, I wouldn't get a chance to wash my hair, and my hair is always nasty after it's been under a wig for about 4 1/2 hours. Before, though, I had to take Mimi home. She made me come inside and show her parents my hair. For a while, Mr. Pasahow thought that it was my real hair. This was disturbing. He started complimenting me on my haircut, telling me how much he loved it, and how it was better than my old haircut. He felt incredibly embarassed when he saw that it wasn't real. Hilarity ensued. Anyway, I arrived late at the cast party. When I arrived, everyone was watching the video of the production, recorded on Thursday. I was a bit irritated at my performance, as I was much more histrionic in later performances. Compared to Saturday and Sunday's shows, the Thursday production seemed dead. Bah. Still fun, though. Some people at the party asked who had written the "Pajama Game Plot" thing. More compliments were dished out. About half the cast wants a copy. ::inflates ego with a bike pump:: Much amusement.

    ::pokes Livejournal sharply with a pointy-end stick::

    For those curious as to how my wig looks, here's one of my mom's photos. My "Pajama Game Plot" describes this scene as "Union President, Random Employee, and Girl's Faithful Sidekicks meet at Girl's House." Left to right, me (Mae), Olivia (Babe), Kingsley (Prez), Tiffany (Brenda), and Adam (Joe).

    Priscilla said at 11:14 PM


    Tra la la. My dad has a rugby buddy who had his name legally changed to "Gandalf".

    Priscilla said at 8:52 PM


    Saturday, February 09, 2002

    Take the roll, Kell! Thespians have more fun!

    Priscilla said at 11:18 PM


    Hooray, I am the mightiest of all the Jesus types! I possess the amazing power of walking on water. I can tell people to eat me and they will listen! I deserve a pat on the back.

    Take the What Jesus Would You Be? Quiz

    But I wanted to be Jesus with Bunnies! ::sobs::

    Priscilla said at 11:15 PM


    ::snickets:: I was working on the bit of the MAA script with Vimes and Cruces and the bells, and just as I got to the point where the bells started ringing in the script, a bunch of church bells near my house started chiming. That was an amusing experience.

    Priscilla said at 1:33 PM


    Quote of the Day:

    Lynne: Black gaffe! Black gaffe! I need some black gaffe! Does anyone know where I can find some black gaffe?
    Me: What's black gaffe?
    Lynne: I don't know!

    Priscilla said at 11:02 AM


    Friday, February 08, 2002

    Everyone must look at this right now. Alicey has ascended beyond mere hero status. Maybe God. At least Carrot level. XD

    Priscilla said at 11:53 PM


    I anonymously posted my Pajama Game plot summary on the stage door, so that the cast and crew could read it. I should have kept my identity secret, but the cast reaction was so great that I had to reveal myself. Everyone loved it. I was amused.

    In other news, my great aunt (my paternal grandfather's sister) and my maternal grandparents came to see me tonight. I was slightly worried when I met them after the show, because my great aunt wasn't aware that I was wearing a wig. ::stares:: Yes, Aunt Louise. I've always had short, fluffy, red hair. Haven't you seen this year's Christmas card photo? ::blinks:: Meanwhile, I saw Tom in the audience. Hurrah! He played Bratt in "How to Succeed" and was stage manager for "Ten Little Indians". Good to see him again. I wonder if Mrs. Felice knows about the show...

    Priscilla said at 11:48 PM


    Woohoo! I'm dead!

    Sorry to say it, but you'd probably bite it less that halfway through the flick. Whether it's because you tend to panic in stressful sitches or because you'd prefer not to grab a knife and start stabbing back, you're not getting out alive. Extreme fear would have you frozen in terror, allowing the murderer time to fix himself a sandwich before 86-ing you. But hey, it's not all bad. You're non-violent and that's nice. At least you don't have to live the rest of your life with memories of all your friends hacked to pieces. And you won't have to embarass yourself in any sub-par sequels. See, even being the victim of a homicidal rage has it's good points!

    Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty

    Priscilla said at 4:24 PM


    Thursday, February 07, 2002

    The Pajama Game is the game we're in...

    The first "performance" went really well! Muaha! Technically, it was supposed to be a dress rehearsal, but this was the performance they filmed, so we had to be at our best. Plus, the audience was filled with senior citizens for some community service thing. Anyway, it was fun. Of course, before going onstage, I kept wanting to say "Good God, Rosemary! You could have at least let me finish my Metrecal!". How to Succeed habits die hard. Especially during the intermission, where I found myself getting pumped for "Cinderella Darling" only to realize that I was no longer Smitty. Mae, I tell myself! Mae!

    I felt so on-target in Act II, though. Definitely fun! I got to be an obnoxious drunk (I changed my character and changed my lines slightly this time -- they actually make sense now), a pathetically desperate wannabe-romancer, and a fed-up broad, all in one night. Muaha! But now, sleep. Exhausted. ::dies::

    Priscilla said at 11:43 PM


    Renata asked about the plot of "The Pajama Game". I sumarize...

    New boy comes to town and lies his way into a job as superintendent of a pajama factory. Pajama Factory Workers want a raise. Boy turns out to be a jerk. Boy meets Girl. Girl's friends sing about Boy's hotness. Boy hits on Girl. Girl turns Boy away. Boy and Girl go to company picnic. Boy and Girl randomly kiss. Boy and Girl suddenly in love for no particular reason. Boy and Girl go home together and look at Girl's Dad's stamp collection. Pajama Factory Workers become restless. Pajama Factory Workers start a "slow down" strike. Girl deliberately destroys company property. Boy fires Girl. End of Act I.

    Union President, Random Employee, and Girl's Faithful Sidekicks meet at Girl's House. Girl's Faithful Sidekick smitten with lecherous Union President. Union President smitten with everyone except Girl's Faithful Sidekick. Meeting breaks up. After all go home, Boy comes to Girl's house. Girl still mad at Boy, as Boy is a complete git. Meanwhile, in Pajama Factory, Pajama Factory Workers deliberately sew on buttons poorly, resulting in tons of orders being cancelled. Boy determined to help Worker Union get their raise in order to get back in Girl's Pants. Boy talks to Boss' Secretary to get financial records. Boss' Secretary refuses to give Boy financial records. Boy takes Boss' Secretary out to a nightclub to get drunk so that Boy can steal Boss' Secretary's key. Boy's plan succeeds. Unfortunately, Boss' Secretary's Boyfriend sees Boy and Boss' Secretary together. Boss' Secretary's Boyfriend drunkenly chases Boy with knife. Boy talks with Boss about potential raise. Boy discovers that raise has already been figured into the budget, meaning that Factory has been making lots of money illegally. Meanwhile, Union has a rally. Boy arrives at rally. Boy saves the day. Pajama Factory Workers get their raise. Everyone happy, even though Girl is still fired and Boy will most likely be sacked for spying on Factory ledger. The End. Reasons for calling musical "The Pajama Game" left unresolved.

    Priscilla said at 4:11 PM


    Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of the concept "Cult of Lincoln". This merits a celebration! ::tosses confetti about::

    Priscilla said at 3:48 PM


    Mr. Loh is playing a Frank Sinatra cover of "Something", by the Beatles. I'm terrifed. Yesterday, in rehearsals, we were discussing the crime of covering the Beatles. Especially regarding Britney Spears' pending cover of "Eleanor Rigby", which in my opinion is a capital offense, punishable by slow, painful death. Britney must be stopped.

    Priscilla said at 11:58 AM


    I'm really surprised. My Elfwood gallery hasn't been ransacked yet! I wonder what's taking the ERB so long...

    Priscilla said at 9:40 AM


    The author of this test is my hero.

    If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be Joe Harris's Algebraic Geometry: A First Course.

    Woo hoo!

    I am intended to introduce students to algebraic geometry; to give them a sense of the basic objects considered, the questions asked about them, and the sort of answers one can expect to obtain. I thus emphasize the classical roots of the subject. For readers interested in simply seeing what the subject is about, I avoid the more technical details better treated with the most recent methods. For readers interested in pursuing the subject further, I will provide a basis for understanding the developments of the last half century, which have put the subject on a radically new footing. Based on lectures given at Brown and Harvard Universities, I retain the informal style of the lectures and stresses examples throughout; the theory is developed as needed. My first part is concerned with introducing basic varieties and constructions; I describe, for example, affine and projective varieties, regular and rational maps, and particular classes of varieties such as determinantal varieties and algebraic groups. My second part discusses attributes of varieties, including dimension, smoothness, tangent spaces and cones, degree, and parameter and moduli spaces.

    Which Springer GTM would you be?

    Priscilla said at 9:34 AM


    Wednesday, February 06, 2002

    Renata has relocated. I love

    Priscilla said at 11:51 PM


    Grrr. I get home at 11:30. Stupid musical, this is worse than JETS. I'm going to sleep.

    Tomorrow, we film the show, and as of yet, we've never gotten through the entire production. Should I be worried?

    Priscilla said at 11:27 PM


    Why does everyone have a snow day but me? ::flails in irritation:: Look at all that snow on the ground! This is Dallas! School gets cancelled if there's a 30% chance of the stuff! Bah.

    Why on Earth didn't I bring my tablet with me to school today? I could be working on the Starling collaboration. I have my camera with me, so I could go out and do some photography, but the snow isn't nearly as glorious as it was yesterday and last night. Double bah. I could do my homework, but that's the last thing I want to do right now. ::flails about:: So that's my story.

    How about another helping of amusing quotes? I really need to update the archive. Maybe I will during that two-week period when I won't have any theatre! Muaha, I think I'm going to try out for "The Twelfth Night", as I talked to Olivia (possibly the most dramatic girl in the senior class) last night, and she wants to try out for Olivia. There aren't very many dramatic seniors, so my chances at getting a role will be pretty high. ::crosses fingers::

    Mr. Dumaine: Do you have any questions?
    Me: "Are you nuts?" comes to mind.
    --The result of Mr. Dumaine assigning a paper (due the next class meeting) the day the research paper was due

    ...All it takes is a little differential calculus.
    --From "The Mechanical Universe" video

    Sherri: (in response to a Kepler video) Do you find teaching more frustrating than rewarding?
    Mr. Taylor: But rewards come from frustration.
    Sherri: Do you really believe that?
    Mr. Taylor: I don't know, but it sounded good.

    Mr. Taylor: We're going to watch a movie.
    Me: Lord of the Rings? Hitchhiker's Guide?
    Megan: The Emperor's New Groove?
    Mr. Taylor: It's about gravity.
    Gigi: Is it just footage of people falling?

    It's the classic "Elevator in Outer Space" problem.
    --Mr. Taylor

    Every single day when I wake up in the morning, I take five minutes out of my schedule to ponder the Joy of Tadpoles.
    --Me, in response to a headline in "Science News"

    It's just cool! It's bound to be true!
    --Mr. Taylor, the Principle of Equivalence

    The "Over Soul"? Is that some Transcendentalist pun on galoshes?

    Very few Romans used ASCII, so this really wasn't a problem.
    --Mr. Taylor

    There are some countries I haven't been to, like Africa and India.
    --Nell Portner, one of the speakers today

    Priscilla said at 4:19 PM


    ::stares:: There have been far too many "Horn of Gondor" jokes recently for me to feel comfortable with this result.

    Priscilla said at 3:59 PM


    Tuesday, February 05, 2002

    Wait a second... are the Valentine cards due tonight? I thought they were due on Friday. Bloody hell. I still haven't finished Jia Ling's and I barely have anything on Monica's.

    EDIT: Even more bloody hell. They're due tomorrow. ::sheepish look:: Erm...

    Priscilla said at 11:26 PM


    That was certainly an interesting rehearsal. Our call was at 5:30, and because I didn't want to have to go home then immediately head back to school (icy conditions require slow driving), I just went up to the computer lab to work on "Men at Arms". I'm working out the tune for (one of) the Angua songs, so we'll have to see what comes of it. I really like how it's shaping up. Soon after, I was joined by Chungy, who spent the time at watching Star Wars parodies. Our favourite, as featured in Blogspotting, was the Star Wars Gangsta Rap. Utter brilliance. Our other favourite was The Fandom Menace. This is how you truly waste an afternoon! Anyway, Chungy was called to crew, and I went to Einstein's for a bagel sandwich and (as I found out later) the worst hot chocolate in history. Oh well.

    Off to rehearsal, where I waited for about 20 minutes in line to get my hair done, with no end in sight, I just decided that I might as well find a wig. Mr. Blaydes was trying to increase the number of blondes onstage, but since Mae definitely wasn't a blonde in my mind, I went with the only red wig in sight. I fell in love with this wig. It's really short and a bit fluffy, and it doesn't make my head look oddly shaped. Hurrah! I realized afterwards that considering my position in line, I still wouldn't have had my hair done an hour later. Yowza. Another plus about my wig is that I was originally supposed to wear a French twist, just like I did in "How to Succeed". I didn't want Mae to be a Smitty clone, regardless of how much fun I had in that role.

    Anyway, after what seemed like a 15 minute overture (seriously. I kept walking around in the Green Room, asking the Costume girls "Isn't the overture over YET?"). I swore to myself right then and there that I'd keep the overture for "Men at Arms" at a sane length. Yes, it will have an overture. I decided that the Pratchett-like spirit could best be attained through a classic sort of musical that occasionally pokes fun at classic sorts of musicals. "Like The Producers", I told Chungy over lunch one day. "Will it have Matthew Broderick in it?" she asked. This culminated in a frankly terrifying mental image of Nathan Lane as Sgt. Colon. The conversation ended there.

    Back to the subject at hand. The overture was long and boring and drawn out. Things generally went smoothly until various people forgot to come onstage, though it was covered rather well. I saw my parents in the audience. In my red hair, red sailor shirt, red shoes, and bright red lipstick for the picnic scene, I decided that I resembled a Communist Peter Pan. Much time was spent yelling for Kingsley (Prez) to come onstage, as he's still not entirely aware of when he needs to be on. He's getting a lot better about it, though. Of course, in the last scene of Act I, he arrived early, ready to go on, only to have the power go out. Hilarity ensued. "We're not supposed to have a blackout there!" some girls yelled. When everyone realized what had happened, Mrs. Hubbard and Mr. Blaydes told us to stay right where we were and not to move. "At least we can practice Hernando's Hideaway", I suggested, referring to a scene that takes place in complete darkness. "You sure you don't need anything else backstage, Kingsley?", another actor asked. I took a penlight, illuminated half my face, and sang selections from "Phantom of the Opera". Good times, good times. Eventually, we got the lights back on. We finished the act, then started into Act II, only to have Mr. Blaydes call off the rest of rehearsal. We did the last scene and the bows, then he let us go home, as the roads were getting icy.

    For those who aren't familiar with "The Pajama Game", the last scene consists of a pajama party of sorts, mainly a pajama fashion parade. All the principals come out and demonstrate aspects of "Sleep Tite" pajama wear. In my group, Brenda, Prez, and I epitomize "grace", "style", and "comfort", in that order. Prez wears plaid flannel and I wear purple silk. We decided that we would switch for the final performance. After all, flannel would be a lot more comfortable, and there's nothing that says "style" quite like a man in purple silk pajamas.

    So now I'm home. Percy only knows how late we would have been at school if we had done the entirety of Act II. We were already there until about 10:30. Yowza. Now I'm going to do my homework. And take a shower. I have wig hair. Bah.

    Priscilla said at 11:04 PM


    No idea why he wanted to give me the shout out, but golf claps go to Scott of GnuBee. Hurrah for the webloggers ring!

    Just call me "Princess Priscilla".

    Priscilla said at 10:16 PM


    It's snowing! It's really snowing! Serious snow! Huge, mammoth-sized flakes, too! ::dances merrily:: Please let them call off school...

    Priscilla said at 9:32 AM


    Sunday, February 03, 2002

    I'm sure it's really messed up, but on inspiration from Tanja, you can find out which of my online friends you are most like!

    Priscilla said at 7:34 PM




    You are a crazy little thing. You put friendship above love and don't really understand why everyone is so eager to get a boyfriend/girlfriend. You'd prefer to just sit at your computer altogether, but you love your friends too much.

    Priscilla said at 6:06 PM


    ::is amused::

    I was reading Avarice's LJ for no particular reason (just because she's good friends with Sandra, genius-creator of Boy Meets Boy), when I saw a list of many things she was giggling about at the moment. One item was "thinking of galadriel as Priscilla". I begin flailing, as I had no idea that she knew me or read my blog or LJ or whatever. I ponder what connection we could possibly have, and why anyone would compare me with Galadriel. Then I read the next item on the list and see that she's talking about "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". This really, really amuses me. I love my name.

    Priscilla said at 9:37 AM


    ::flails in antici... pation:: Kell, what's the estimated time of arrival for the Sundowner remake?

    Meanwhile, I finally burned copies of Jekyll and Hyde. Soon I won't have to keep dragging my disc changer to and from my car seven times a day. Muaha.

    Today I'm going to do five hours of community service at The Science Place. The Community Service folk decided to be evil to the theatre people (everyone is evil to the theatre people. We have a research paper deadline the first day after the musical is over, giving us virtually no time to do preliminary research on our topic, and still demanding a bunch of notecards. Bah) and making the Community Service deadline the day after winter break. Therefore, this weekend I work my rear end off on Community Service, the paper, and the V-Day project. Next weekend, I spend my life at school for the musical. The weekend after that, winter break, I'm going college hopping. Lunatics. When are the theatre folk supposed to get anything done? ::sighs:: Why have I been complaining so much the past few days?

    Anyway, I hope I get to run the Harmonograph. It's so nifty. You just stand/sit there, making sure the kiddies don't touch anything, occasionally changing out paper and markers. And you don't have to listen to an endless loop of "Having fun isn't hard/When you've got a library card!" from the "Arthur's World" exhibit thing. I still have nightmares.

    Priscilla said at 9:30 AM


    Saturday, February 02, 2002

    Bah. I want to listen to my Jekyll and Hyde CD, but it's in my car. I'm too lazy to go get it. ::melts into a puddle of unmoving goo:: Next chance I get, I'm burning copies so that I can keep one in my car and one in my room. ::nods sleepily:: I think I'll work on the Alicey collab today. I have to finish the V-Day cards tomorrow, as I won't have any time to work on them next week. Stupid "Pajama Game". ::frowls randomly at nothing in particular::

    Priscilla said at 5:18 PM


    Today's date is 02-02-2002. Doesn't that make you feel warm and toasty inside?

    Priscilla said at 2:04 PM


    The fiend! Renata had the opportunity to get a nifty hardcover version of "The Fifth Elephant" for $6 and she passed it up. Bah. ::hearts the Watch:: Maybe if I force her to read "Guards! Guards!" first... ::ponders::

    Priscilla said at 7:44 AM


    Odd dream. I was watching a not-so-fabulous production of "The Light Fantastic", and there was chaos everywhere. There were all these wizards running about (played by 8 to 12-year-old girls) in pandemonium, many of them squirming across the stage in enormous animal costumes. A small group of wizards was trying to shield the still-human Librarian to ensure that she wasn't turned into an orangutan. The girl was a foot shorter than everyone else. It was amusing. Then the dream shifted gears, and I was waiting in a huge line for an ice cream. There was this scary old man who kept harassing the line, trying to coerce us into buying loaves of bread he had just purchased at the grocery store across the street. Then the dream changed again, and I was (against all probability) Vimes. Carrot had dragged me to this city-wide game of Hide-and-Seek, much to my chagrin. Then I woke up. I really wish I had some idea of what in the world this meant, but I think it's just my mind being ridiculously creative while I'm asleep because I don't have as much of an outlet during the day. Bah.

    Priscilla said at 7:37 AM


    Friday, February 01, 2002

    Good Percy, Sannali! If you're so desperate for homework, I can give you some of mine!

    I got my research paper back today. 84. Go me! ::grooves:: I knew I wouldn't get an A, so I'm thrilled. My English grades are usually wretched, so it's all good. I also got my semester grades in the mail yesterday. Mostly A's, with a few B's sprinked about. ::grooves some more:: Now I'm off to the SMU library to do research for my History research paper. I'm so glad we have such freedom in our topics! I don't have my thesis set in stone yet, but I'm fairly certain that I'm going to write about the social factors influencing the writing of musicals in the early 20th century. Show Boat (1920's) to West Side Story (1950's). Or I might write about social commentary in musicals instead. Either way, I'll keep myself entertained. Muaha!

    Today, I was reading this book about said musicals, absorbing details about scene progression and layout and song distribution and such for a dozen shows, simultaneously pondering on how I could apply this knowledge to "Men at Arms". The other day, I went through the book and dotpointed all the "scene" things, racking up a list of over 100 scene-lets. Over the past few days, I've been cutting, rearranging, merging, snipping, and inserting all the scenes into slightly new order, trying to cut down the book into a sizeable piece of writing of suitable length for a musical. Of the original hundred, I've already cut it down to fifty. Yowza.

    Now I'm off to SMU! Boldly venturing where thousands of students have gone before! Muaha! ::dashes away::

    Priscilla said at 8:08 PM


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