Just saw Billeh Master and Commander with Schlien. Three cheers for platonic warrior-bonds between men! (Hip hip huzzah!) Loved all the worshippage of Lord Horatio Nelson, I must say. I started the movie by singing to myself “Who’s your great-great-grandniece? Yes I am!” Not sure how many greats are involved, but my father tells me that we’re direct descendants of Lord Nelson’s brother. (My maternal paternal great-grandmother was a Nelson. Sadie Nelson. She married a man named Carlson, who ran a merchant ship named the Black Adder. XD Their children were Mildred, Myrtle, (a girl I can’t remember), and Priscilla. My namesake, hurrah! Then Mildred named her son (my dad) Nelson, and he named his daughter Nelson. How thoughtful.)

So yeah.

Marcelina and I ate gelato afterwards and squeed over Billeh, the Doctor, and other assorted glees of the film. In really bad French. I began to notice a trend, however: Why do all my beloved doctors get shot? (Stephen, Simon) Why do my beloved all wear stripey pants? (Billeh, Kurt)

Mmm, it’s a puzzlement. And also a puzzlement: was the director speaking DIRECTLY TO ME when, in the first five seconds of the movie, we see a cannon named “Jumping Billy”? “They read my mind!” I whispered to Schlien.

Ah, Billeh. *happysigh*