Fannish Friday Five:

1) What fandoms are you in that you are truly grateful for, and why?

Harry Potter, without question. Not only did I meet the vast majority of my friends through HP, but through an HP website, I discovered Kell, which got me interested in CG. No other fandom has been this life-changing. Heck, my CGs got me into Penn. The HP fandom didn’t just open a door for me, they demolished the entire wall. And SO MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE!! Gah, I’d never be able to do one of those “Who am I thankful for” memes, because there are so many of you! *adore, adore, adore*

2) What character are you most thankful for having been introduced to? Why?

Tough one. Probably Percy. I love being a part of PINE. We’re a rare breed, we are. He’s an excellent learning experience, as he’s a model for looking beyond appearances and trying to understand someone’s motivations. I really hope that the Percy Panel at HP2005 happens! (Who was the one talking about the possibility? *pores through LiveJournal* Ah! Amber!) And my status of being credited as the first person ever to write Percy-centric fanfic is one I will brag about until I die.

3) Are you thankful that the fannish sub community exists? Why?

I’m amused by it’s presence, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say Thankful. Wait… by “Fannish sub community”, you mean the Fannish Friday Five, yes? Not Fandom in general? Yeah, I thought that’s what you meant. Okay, s’all good.

4) Is fandom your primary hobby? If not, what is?

Tell me you’re joking. You mean there’s life beyond fandom? XD

5) Within your fannish life, what are you most grateful for this year?

Nimbus, without question. I will treasure every moment I had with Alicey and Maggie and the rest of the gang. And I can’t wait to see my girls again IN 29 DAYS!!!!!11!