I just got an email that said

Make Ninjas – Not WAR!

I am pleasantly confused, but I find I really don’t mind.

Mmmm, nothing like a righteous smiting to get your day going right.

::sips cold drink:: Ahhh, smitey-licious.

Muahahaaha! Have finished plotting out my Penn schedule! Now I can be free to do whatever I want! Mwaha!

… That is, as soon as I finish (start) the website for my mom’s friend. Wah.

After working for hours on the Ender logos, I expected to be chewed out for being two days late and for not redoing the dragon image. I had clearly forgotten that Alexander is Amazingly Cool.

You’re going to be so famous one day. I’m glad I know you now, Priscilla. Those were incredible. Fan-tastic, one might say. We can talk later about the colors you didn’t like and such, but I don’t want to taint this email with such things.


Another reason I love Nimbus: I met so many wonderful people! Like Catja!

On a more cheerful note, I dreamed that I was reading Book 6, and it was All About Percy, specifically Percy being brave and noble and getting deflowered by a buxom barmaid. You laugh, but you will all bow before my mad prophetic powerz when JKR announces that Book 6 is entitled Harry Potter and That Heroic Hotass Percy Weasley.

&lt3 &lt3 &lt3!!!!

::Sudden, abrupt freakout regarding all things related to color::

LOOK AT THIS COLOR! IT’S EVERYWHERE! OH MY GOD! ::dies of color-shock::

All those PROFOUNDLY disappointed with the PoA movie’s Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, raise your hand. *raises hand*

Of course, I was also quite irked when I first saw Rupert Grint had been cast as Ron, but upon seeing the movie, I loved his version of the character. Let’s hope Lupin and Black bring the same pleasant surprise. Besides, any director that’s paying enough attention to canon subtext to give Sirius that tattoo MUST know what he’s talking about.

EDIT: I’m not saying I dislike them because they’re not pretty. I don’t want them to be pretty. Pretty is the last thing I want them to be. Well, I want Lupin to be vuagely handsome in a really, really tired way, but certainly not the devilishly attractive Lupin accepted by Fanon. My problem with Sirius is that he’s not wretched enough! His hair and beard aren’t near long enough. I could see Sirius cutting his hair and beard to look a bit more presentable and less like a convict to anyone that might see him, but still, bah. Not my canon.

Second edit: DEAR GOD NO! Please tell me they god rid of Thewlis’ horrid, hideous moustache! Please tell me that’s just a trick of the light! WAH!!!!