Happy “America Kicked Britain’s Shiny Backside And We’re Not Letting You Forget It” Day! ::gives mad schnoogles to everything British::

(Also, don’t forget!

Tomorrow, we celebrate

World Blog Haiku Day!)

Two thoughts watching “Titus”:

1. What the hell kind of crack was the artistic team smoking?


2. Dear god! Look at the size of Alan Cumming’s nostrils!

::surfs about her old website:: Dear gravy, was I that much of a stuck-up, egotistical clod three years ago? Gah, how did you guys that knew me then put up with me? I would have given myself a punch in the face if I could.

Note: I rented “Spy Kids” because I was honestly curious about the original that was supposed to be so good that spawned two sequels that are supposed to be godawful. I heard that it was clever and amusing. I certainly did not rent it solely on the fact that Alan Cumming is in this movie. The fact that I also rented “Titus” has no relevance whatsoever. I rented “Titus” because the director Julie Taymour is inventive and innovative, as we saw in “Frida” and Broadway’s “The Lion King”. Sure, it largely features Alan Cumming as well, but this is a moot point.

Just so we’re clear on that.

Finally working on updating What’s In a Name, mainly because if I got one more email suggesting possible etymology for “Billywig” I would scream.

Just called the College Board for my AP grades, because I have no self-control whatsoever. I’m a bit disappointed that I got a 4 (all scores out of 5) in AP Art, as Mrs. McCullough told me that there was a chance I could get a 5, but 4 is still a pretty good score, so it’s all good. I’m rather stunned at my Physics grade, which was a 3, because I did so badly on that test that I thought I’d be lucky to get a 1. Man, that must have been a depressing grade curve! Gravy, that test was impossible.