The role you were born to play is Harrold Hill from the Music Man. You are able to convince other people to follow your lead. Playing this role you’ll be able to do just that while singing. A LOT!

what theatre role was i born to play?
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Hah! Tell that to the panel that decided roles for my 8th grade musical. After working my tail off all summer to try for Harold, I ended up the bass in the quartet. It’s a good thing that bitterness tends to subside over four years. XD

I was born to play Aldonza. *grin*

Opening night. Good lord, that was amazing.

Every single actor managed to outdo all of his or her previous performances, making the entire production absolutely radiate power, energy, and emotion. I definitely felt this was my personal best (so far, I hope). Rave reviews all around!

Originally, we were terrified about the production, as Tony (Pedro — the lead Muleteer) wasn’t at school today. By Jesuit’s draconian rule code, this means that he wouldn’t be allowed to act that night. For a horrible thirty minutes, the Muleteers, Tom, Lobo, and I re-choreographed all their scenes, using Raoul as a replacement. However, when the principal learned that Tony had missed school because he had to drive his mother to the hospital, then stayed there all day, he grew a bit more lenient and allowed Tony to perform. Thank god!

Otherwise, all was surprisingly anticlimactic. There were no minor catastrophes that couldn’t be easily remedied. And there was no one flailing about backstage, saying that they were going to die (unlike “Dark of the Moon”. That was nerve-racking).

Generally, all loved it, including the dozen or so Senior Citizens brought to enlarge the audience. Woo-hoo! Casper came, and he was so wowed that he promised to come back and see it again on Friday. And yay, I made lots of people cry! My sister promised to bring two fraternities-worth of guys to beat up the Muleteers after the assault. I told her it wasn’t necessary. XD

I hope my friends will choose to see Friday’s show over the also-tantalizing prospect of X-Men 2. (Hi, Chungy)

And now I’m going to sleep.