*snickets* Ganked from Rebecca.

*** THE PROOF THAT Priscilla IS EVIL ***

 P   R   I   S   C   I   L   L   A

80 82 73 83 67 73 76 76 65 - as ASCII values
8 1 1 2 4 1 4 4 2 - digits added
_____/ _____/ _____/ _____/ _/
9 3 5 8 2 - digits added

Thus, “Priscilla” is 93582.

Turn the number backwards, and add 1834 – the year Vesuvius erupted. The number is now 30373.

Divide by 7, the sacred number of Illuminati – the result is 4339.

Add 4591 to it – this is the year Elvis recorded his debut single, putting the end to all morality and good taste, written backwards – you will get 8930.

Add 7591 to it – this is the year Ford introduced the Edsel, written backwards – you will get 16521.

Turn the number backwards, and add 1969 – the year of Woodstock. The number is now 14530.

This, when read backwards, gives 03541. This is 1889 in octal, the year Adolf Hitler was born…

Evil, QED.

I tried it with “Priscilla Spencer”, and it yielded 666, but the numerology messed up my blog format, and I thought that “Priscilla” would be just as effective anyway. Hee!

We got the Yearbook and Vibrato today. I’ve known for a while, but I wasn’t allowed to say that the front and back of Vibrato are all my photography. Bwee! An especially creative young gel used the shapes of light and color in the 300-400 digital photographs I submitted to spell out the word “Vibrato” in the middle of an array of photographs, to incredibly cool result. I’ll scan the cover when I finally manage to pry it from my mom’s hands.

Anyway, I just got back from the Senior Banquet, which was fabulous. The speakers were hilarious — inside jokes abound! Whee! So yay.

::does a gleeful little dance::

Whee! I’m gonna hang out with Keee-ell! I’m gonna hang out with Ash! ::squeals::

Baby’s First Stalking Attempt (or second, if you count James Fee) is a shocking success! Erm… ::clears throuat loudly:: I mean, Stalking is Wrong and a Very Bad thing to do. ::coughs::



Spent the evening with Matt, Luke T-Barr, and Bryan, starting at Cafe Istambul, on to the Asian Film Festival at the DMA, then to my house to watch “Death to Smoochy.” Let’s break down the narrative into edible chunks, shall we?

Cafe Istambul: After a ridiculous amount of debate over where we would eat, we settled on Cafe Istambul, a great Turkish restaurant. Of course, I was the only one of the five that had ever been there. I ended up being 10 minutes late, which was rather good, as 15 minutes after I arrived, I got a call from a helplessly lost Matt. Glad I had my cellphone with me. I was able to give directions and guide them to the restaurant with minimal fuss. Glad we thought to pad our timing schedule!

Anyway, the main point of the dinner’s hilarity came in the form of a wooden sculpture of a sailor, draped with prayer beads. However, judging from his jollyness and obesity quotient, he rather looked like a Buddha.

Matt: Why does Buddha look like a sailor?

Me: He’s like Barbie. He comes in different varieties.

Matt: What, like My-Size Buddha?

Luke: Malibu Buddha! Or just “Malibuddha!” Comes with a “Nirvana Playset.” It’s just an empty box.

If laughing burns calories, I probably burned more than I took in this evening.

Film Festival: Monty, Japanese film connaisseur, told the guys that “The Life of Lily Chou Chou” was one of the best movies ever. Monty is on crack. After enduring two very painful hours (out of 2h40) of “art”, we walked out. With the evening shot, we needed something else to do. So we decided to meet at Blockbuster, then go to my house.

The Journey: Let it be known that I have no sense of direction whatsoever when it comes to navigating Downtown Dallas. After about two minutes of driving, I stopped at a light and held my cellphone out my window and made frantic jabbing motions at it and at Luke, who was behind me. He had my cell phone number, but I didn’t have his. He quickly caught on and called me, wherepon I wailed “I have no idea where I’m going!” Over the phone, Luke attempted to remedy the situation with his nifty directional skills (of which I have none) and managed to find Central Expressway, our ticket out of the horrors of Downtown Dallas. W00t.

Blockbuster: both “Death to Smoochy” and “Donnie Darko”, our two choices, should have been in the “New Releases” section. Apparently, some moron at Blockbuster doesn’t know how to alphabetize, so we were left very confused when we didn’t see either one there, especially as I had rented both from this location in the past. But T-Barr asked an employee, who assured him that both movies were there, so we went back to double check. Both were way out of order, among the E’s. But we rented our movie, and we were happy.

So hurrah. And now I’m going to sleep.

W00T!!!! We just had our first “Ender’s Game” meeting, and there’s a good chance that I might get to play Petra. And they all liked my army logos, so huzzah. *grooves*

Why am I getting in the habit of posting every other day? The world may never know.

Random Things On My Mind:

  • glad to see that Sgt. Pepper appears so have been resuscitated. And yay, Captain’s Log appears energetic enough. W00t!

  • Schlien is mean, for she lost her Rocky Horror virginity without me. But we still loff her.

  • Tanja, when is swussian.com coming back?

  • Why are there two different comics websites called “Modern Tales”? And why is the sign-in on the “Ice” Modern Tales on crack?

  • Wah, gotta go to school now for graduation practice. Bah.
  • Five minutes later, these cats turned violent on their masters and reduced them to quivering heaps of ground beef. Do not try this at home.

    Image Survey, ganked from various people:

    0. What is your name?

    1. What’s your favorite animal?

    2. Who is your favorite band? click and click and click and ::twitch::

    3. Your favorite faerie tale?

    4. You wish you looked like ::snerk::

    5. You wish you were dating: click and click

    6. Favorite drugs

    7. The best idea ever

    8. The best place ever

    9. Current favorite movie

    10. Describe yourself

    11. Something that irritates you

    12. Something that makes you happy

    13. Describe your life