Random pondering of the moment:

I really need to stop using microquotes in my essays. They’re everywhere. In an essay on “The Great Gatsby”, I used phrases from Episode I and Moulin Rouge. For a “Huck Finn” essay, I microquoted “The Music Man”. They’re like literary Easter Eggs, I suppose. Does anyone else do this? I find it’s the only way I can get through papers.

Yes, yes. Quizzes. Bite me. Unfortunately, someone beat me to it. Grr.

Which Discworld girl are you?

Interesting duo.

Which Discworld novelty are you?

Of course, *my* “Discworld female” quiz also included Susan. And Sybil. And Agnes. And Cheery. And the feminazi dryad girl from TCoM for kicks. So there. ::is superior:: … not really.