I’ve finally figured out what bothers me so much about covers. Originality. When an musician takes another musician’s song and essentially re-records it with a different voice, it becomes a serious pet peeve. However, when the musican is able to transform into something original and new, I don’t have a problem. (Unless this is Britney Spears covering “Eleanor Rigby”. Then it’s time to bring out the machine guns.) I discovered this listening to snippets of the “I Am Sam” soundtrack in Barnes & Noble last night — the songs annoyed me, because they were exactly identical to the versions recorded by the Beatles, except sung by a different voice. Bah.

Anyway, got “Driving Rain”. Yay! ::hugs Paul::

Woo! Found it! Go me!

Edit: Hell. Now if only I could find my serial number… Stupid tech support Monday-to-Friday office hours.

Grrrr. Where’s my Painter CD? I want to install it on my laptop, but it’s nowhere to be found… ::loots through desk and environs::

Joy!!! A card from Alicey, as well! ::hearts:: Her first Discworld fanart in color, I might add. She says: “As you know, I’m reading Men At Arms right now- and I just finished the part where [Cuddy] was teaching Detritus to count- and was thinking of some sort of clever idea to apply to a card for you- and then, I came up with this!” ::hearts even more::

School’s out! ::dances:: And today’s my half birthday, I just realized. Happy, happy day! Just two classes: Multimedia Engineering and English. The rest of the day was spent watching old Jim Carrey movies. Good stuff. It turns out that today’s foolery with integrated circuits in MME was our final exam! Loh said that we all got A super plusses. That certainly makes my day. And I’m making big steps in “My Kind of Town”, so it’s all good. ::grooves::