::laughs:: On WOFS, the name “American Gods” becomes “American Percys”. That amuses me to no end. ::plotbunnies multiply like Irish Catholics::

::laughs crazily:: I loved Spiderman. Spiderman, Spiderman, Spiderman. Awesome movie. I didn’t have the greatest expectations, but it was fabulous. Yay Eye Candy! Yay random Matrixlike shots! Yay nerdy guys! Yay obscure “Priscilla’s Life” references no one would ever understand! And last of all, Yay groovy superhero costumes! ::snerks::

Amusing Inside Jokes:

  1. “Stormin’ Norman”, the nickname given to Mr. Osborne, is shared by my English teacher, Norman Dumaine. It was given to him by our infamously pun-addicted history teacher, Mr. Wasserman, and has since spread to underground English-fearing societies around campus.

  2. The Moondance Diner, where MJ waited tables, was also the workplace of Jonathan Larson, creator-genius of RENT.

  3. The story of the Green Goblin is almost identical to that of Dr. Henry Jekyll of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” fame: Man achieves scientific breakthrough. Board of Governors unanimously votes down human testing. Desperate, Man experiments on himself. Man goes completely nutso, gaining superhuman strength and a healthy dose of madness. Man kills off Board of Governors for spite. Man has conversations with himself in the mirror. Man drowns in evil of his own creation. Spiderman saves the day. (Yes, this happened in “Jekyll and Hyde”, too; you obviously didn’t read carefully enough.)

  4. Mr. Taylor, Math Phys, and my trip to Lockheed have infested my brain. I kept thinking of the Physics of the movie, which is practically nonexistent. The glider thing made me think of this new airplane at Lockheed. Amusing stuff. The rival “exoskeleton” reminded me of those nifty human-powered devices featured on memepool a few weeks ago.

There were plenty of others, but I don’t remember them. I’ll probably see the movie again, so that will remind me.

Anyway, tonight wasn’t all fun and games. Because Patrick wasn’t able to get tickets for the 7:30 show, we went to the 9:15 version. In the meantime, Patrick and his friends and I went to Braums, carpooling in his car. There was absolutely no parking whatsoever, so we parked in an empty lot across from the theatre. When we got back, Patrick’s car was gone. I drove him home while his friends scoured the lot for a “no parking” sign. Fortunately, it had probably just been towed, rather than being stolen. Yeep. But the movie was awesome, so I’m happy. Go see it, all of you! ::shoos people off to the theatre::

Inspired by Tanja… this was way too much fun.

Alicey’s artistic and Queen of CG

Bat Boy‘s a musical I’d like to see

Carrot’s a watchman, in case you’ve not heard

Doom”‘s an incredibly versatile word

Eeek”‘s an expression amusing to hear

Frodo’s the hobbit we fancy too dear.

Gads” is the manner “The 12th Night” now goes

How to Succeed” is the greatest of shows

I am the ruler, the goddess, the queen

Joking with egos becomes rather keen!

I saw Kendall’s gallery Saturday last

Lucky my car had been recently gassed!

M is for Monica, my partner in crime.

N‘s not for Men At Arms, but it sure is *this* time!

Ohh”‘s the exclamation I uttered, remiss,

When Paul was the Beatle whose concert I’d miss.

Quickly I notice: next letter’s a pair!

Rebecca’s a name my two friends have to share

Sannali posts again. It’s about time!

Tanja inspired this wonderful rhyme

Unknown is the reason I started this scheme

Villainously, rhyming’s infested the theme

Why kill the Gunmen” I shout, out of breath,

As X-files is dying a terrible death

Y” is the world you’ll be asking me. How?

Zs are what I should be making right now

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!!! I got a 33 on my ACT! ::screams for 5 minutes straight:: 99th percentile almost all the way across the board… Ye gods!

Gracious, to think my evening wasn’t awesome enough already! I went to the Jesuit production of “The Little Prince”, which rocked. The book has been redeemed. Jacque (Hedy in H2$ and Mrs. Rogers in TLI) was fantastic as the snake, Casey (secretary in H2$, my double Emily Brent in TLI, and chorus in PG) made an awesome rose, Lindsey (? in H2$ and Armstrong in TLI) was an amusing Greedy Man, and Colin (Biggley in H2$ and Wargrave in TLI) made a hilarious King. Everyone was fabulous. Jacque’s makeup was absolutely unbelieveable! I wish I had pictures… Fun stuff. Good to see everyone again! I got to sit between Mrs. Felice and Patrick (Gatch in H2$ and Mackenzie in TLI), which is always nifty. Patrick and I made plans to see Spiderman tomorrow with a bunch of his friends. I’m going to try to get Chungy and various other people to come as well. So it’s all good.

Another reason to be joyful on this day is my creation of another MAA song. I had started working on it last night, and it’s since bloomed famously. I keep giggling whenever I think about it. ‘Tis based on the “swearing in” scene thing. Highly entertaining. I’m certainly amused. Hopefully I’ll get more work done over the weekend. Tra la. And I got a letter from Alicey, which is always groovy. So yayfun!

Woo! Next year, Mrs. Glaros and Mr. Long are directing “Dido and Aeneas”! An all-female cast opera in English. Hurrah! And she said that chances are, it would only/mostly be my class! ::grooves:: She suggested that it would mostly be in December, as the school musical is in Winter and the student-produced musicals are usually in Spring. Now I have to decide between the Jesuit fall play and this production. You never know, though. If life works in my favor, I may be able to do both. The Jesuit fall play is in mid-November.

Speaking of Jesuit, tonight is opening night for “The Little Prince”. Yay! I think I’ll go Friday night to see Casey. Which reminds me: EVIL! Even if I were able to get tickets to the Paul McCartney concerts on May 9th and 10th, I wouldn’t be able to go. 12th Night performances. Grrrrr. I’m not a happy camper. ::hisses::

::squeals madly:: Guess where I’m posting from? Jimmy! He arrived in the mail today. ::dances merrily:: Apologies for not posting the past few days. They’ve been quite an adventure!


After rehearsal, I leapt in the still-unnamed Priscillamobile in the direction of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture (the location of my photography show). Though it was supposed to take maybe 10-20 minutes or less, it ended up taking closer to 30. Bah. Feel the hatred-rays of Downtown Dallas. Grrr. Oh well. I *eventually* got to the Institute, where I was greeted by few more than the class itself and a few random family members. The “closing” was a great deal less successful than the opening, despite tastier snacks. ::drools at recollection of cheese and strawberries and the world’s greatest brownies…. homer simpson food lust noises:: Of course, though few people showed up (Chungy! Hurrah! And Mrs. Quick, my Digital Photography teacher! Yayfun!), I sold another piece! Go me! ::grooves:: It was to Cay’s (another photo classmate) cousin. Oh yeah.


I planned early on to meet with Stephanie Swingle, a fellow photography buff, to check out a few galleries downtown (one featured Kendall! Hurrah!) and attend a groovalicious lecture-thing by Ann Stautberg. She later told me that her parents were unavailable to take us (I had planned for this in advance — go me), so I was to drive us. Now let’s get this straight: Downtown Dallas is not my friend. Not even a grudging aquaintance. Downtown Dallas is pure, untapped evil, ready to spring its Mapsco-forsaken street grid upon the unexpecting. I manage to get us out there fairly successfully (with a brief lunch at Kathleen’s Art Cafe — good stuff. Amusing waiters. Stephanie told me I was too generous with my tip, but we had two servers and I felt like being nice. A serveuse and a server-in-training. Hurrah.), but on the way back, we became hopelessly lost. We had been listening to the White Album as I drove, so I turned it down when I went Mapsco-diving. When I turned it back up, I immediately heard a familiar voice sing “I don’t know how you were diverted/No one alerted you”. I started laughing, which greatly confused Stephanie, who hadn’t been listening. Good times, good times.

I worked a great deal on my latest drawing, which I am incredibly proud of. Unfortunately, it refuses to be CGed. And it *must* be CGed. Grrrr. Must try again. I look forward to the day when I’ll be able to tote around my laptop and my tablet, CGing whenever the mood strikes me. Dreams *do* come true, young Grasshopper.


Physics Day! Yo! I got mildly lost again on my way to Six Flags (idiot Mapquest — DIE!), but I was able to regain my sense of direction most admirably. Go me. Anyway, if I hadn’t gotten Jimmy today I would have said here that the Voyage was my new best friend. Nifty calculatorness personified. My group believes itself to be the first ever to use up all the memory on one of those babies. Muaha! ::cackles:: Other sources of amusement: on the Titan and the Batman ride (hold me back, baby), we decided that there was a real danger of losing our equiptment. Therefore, I decided that we should duct tape it around my chest. The Voyage and the CBL (the doohickey that collects the data — and yes, that’s the technical term for it) were promptly adhered to my lovely “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” t-shirt and I held the 3-axis accelerometer in my hand. I decided that I looked like a terrorist. Non-Physics-inclined park goers gave me worried looks. Our group decided that it would be prudent to cover up the equiptment with Mackenzie’s jacket. Of course, it was over 100 degrees out (nearly 40 degrees Celsius, you metric losers), so I slowly boiled like a giant, humanoid egg. Nasty stuff. I got some nice data, though. All worth it in the name of Physics. Tra la.

I went home and attempted again to CG the un-CGable new drawing. Later, Chungy called, urging me to go to the Angelika (a local independent theatre) to get tickets for the two of us for Enigma, an awesome Britfilm directed by Michael Apted about codebreakers in WW2 and such. Woo. It came out in Britland ages ago, and it should arrive in normal theatres in a few months. Like the dutiful friend I am, I got the tickets and met Chungy at the theatre. Unfortunately, there was already an unbelieveable line. It doubled back on itself twice! Yeep. However, God smiled upon us that day. We ran into Allie Polatin, who was working at the Film Festival. I jokingly asked her if she could get us good seats, but she surprised us when she said she could. Before anyone else was allowed in to the theatre, Allie brought us in. Whee! We found two fabulous seats that had not been reserved (unlike about 3/4 of the rest of the theatre) because the volunteers had run out of sheets that said “Reserved” on them. Go us! Some of the best seats in the house! ::grooves:: The movie rocked — I’ll post my review in Sgt. Pepper later on — and it comes highly recommended. Now my mom is griping at me to go to sleep, so it shall be so. Hurrah!