My resolutions:

  • Update WIAN at least once a month

  • Don’t wait until the night before to get things done

  • Come up with creative things before Ann does

  • Spend more time drawing, not just at mealtimes

  • Keep my room clean(er). [HA!]

    That’s all I can think of now. I’ll come up with more and confirm them tomorrow.

  • I. Hate. My. Car.

    How can I make this clear enough? I hate it. I hate the bloody thing. There I was, finally going out to get the first food I’d had today (as my sister was hogging the car and I didn’t realize the keys to my parents’ cars were in our posession), when I saw that my sister had left me with a nearly empty tank of gas. I stopped by Shell, which was nicely on my way, and filled the tank. Going well so far. Getting into the car, however, was when the trouble started. The key wouldn’t turn. You may have remembered me blogging about getting stranded at Borders and then Hockaday in this same fashion. Well now I was stranded again. I tried every trick in the book, to no avail. Finally, I called my sister, who picked up on my fourth attempt. She said she’d come and rescue me.

    About twenty minutes later (my house is about 5 blocks away…), my sister arrived, a white knight in a gleaming silver stallion of a Mercedes (Percy, I love my mom’s car). She tried everything she knew, as well, but the car remained ignitionless. Finally, we gave up, and she took me home. I took everything of value out of the car (I now realize that I left four of my favourite CDs), including my Monsters Inc antenna ball, which I commented was probably worth more than the car (and I got it for free). Hopefully, we’ll be able to rescue the stupid thing when my parents come back tomorrow.

    I can’t wait until I get rid of the stupid thing and I get my new car. We looked at a Lexus the other day (the RX-300. ::smooches::), and we decided that this was definitely the car for me. No longer will I have to put up with idiot minivans that are so old that they could be carbon dated! Idiot minivans that go from 0-60 in about 20 seconds. Idiot minivans that decide to spite you with their evilness, stranding you at Borders or at school or at a gas station. Ihateyou Ihateyou I hateyou! ::kicks imaginary minivan:: ::hisses:: Bah.