::snarls:: You know what really irritates me? People that treat me like a doormat. I’m already in a pinch because I have to get some images for H2$ in slide format, but everything is worse because no one is doing their part! I asked Joe if he could send me the graphs, and he did, but my computer refuses to open .dat files for some strange reason, even though I have Graphical Analysis, which should open them. I asked Joe to send them to me in a different format, but he just sent a different .dat file! Yarg. Then I called Brian for the Photoshopped images of Colin/Mr. Biggley, but he wasn’t home. I left a message with his mother, asking if he could call me back at around 3. He didn’t. Eventually, he called me back, and I explained what I needed him to do, and he said that he would email me the graphics when he got home. I thought this meant less than two hours. How wrong I was! At about 7, I called his house, and his mom picked up. I asked her when Brian would be getting back home, and she said 11. Eleven!?! Fwah! Doesn’t he realize that I have to tinker with them, print them out, and prepare them for photographing before school? And I was planning on going to sleep at 10:30? Of course, I was more furious when I realized that today was not Sunday, and I’d have tomorrow to finish, but I’m still a bit miffed about it. Frowl. I just hope that I have enough time to photograph the images during Break. If I do so, I can pass the film on to my mom and she can take it to get developed. It takes 3 hours to develop slides, so I’d want to get it done before noon. Then my mom will pass the slides on to me so that I can have them for Monday rehearsal. I have to have them either Monday or Tuesday, because we have to practise with them. The show opens Wednesday. Ye-gods. ::runs around panicking::

Oy, yesterday, we had the first dress rehearsal for H2$. When we were all changing out of our costumes at the end of the rehearsal, Bern (the funniest person in the history of humanity; he plays Bud Frump) was filking the lyrics to “Rosemary” to be “I’m tired”. It was absolutely hilarious.

This morning, I went in to the set crew meeting to help out with painting and such. ‘Twas groovy. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I have about 15 papers to write for next week, so I have to do them all this weekend. Yarg.

You know what sounds really, really good right now? An enormous, hot-from-the-oven, deep-dish pizza, coated with cheese and crisp canadian bacon and sweet, juicy kalamata olives. With a squishy crust, covered with seasonings. Yup, that’s what sounds really good. Excuse me, I’m off to rob Dominos.

I’ve had “Cinderella Darling” and “Brotherhood of Man” stuck in my head EVERY WAKING MOMENT the past three days. God help me. ::claws at brain::

Ugh. I never knew how tragic WOFS withdrawal really was until yesterday. Ezboard was down all day, so I didn’t get to have any meaningless conversations with the folks on Kell’s boards! AAAUGH! ::weeps:: I’m so glad it’s finally back. However, didn’t they promise faster servers with the new host? It’s slower than ever! ::frowls at Ezboard people::

It’s twelve o’clock AM. Do you know where your children are?

Ezboard can just bite me. How dare they take down WOFS for 9 hours? How will I survive? AAAAAAAUUGHHH! Meanwhile, today is the first day we’re rehearsing the entire play. I think I’m going to die. I hope Haley lets me be Smitty. I haven’t gotten to do “Cinderella Darling” in ages. Of course, Haley *does* need more practice, in my opinion, but she should practice the songs on her own time. Yarg. If she hasn’t memorized the song by next week… ugh. “Cinderella Darling” is the most difficult song in the musical, but that’s no excuse. ::frowls::

I just failed abysmally on a math test. Well, not quite abysmally, but I still failed it. ::scowl:: And I had such a fabulous day yesterday…