::snarls:: You know what really irritates me? People that treat me like a doormat. I’m already in a pinch because I have to get some images for H2$ in slide format, but everything is worse because no one is doing their part! I asked Joe if he could send me the graphs, and he did, but my computer refuses to open .dat files for some strange reason, even though I have Graphical Analysis, which should open them. I asked Joe to send them to me in a different format, but he just sent a different .dat file! Yarg. Then I called Brian for the Photoshopped images of Colin/Mr. Biggley, but he wasn’t home. I left a message with his mother, asking if he could call me back at around 3. He didn’t. Eventually, he called me back, and I explained what I needed him to do, and he said that he would email me the graphics when he got home. I thought this meant less than two hours. How wrong I was! At about 7, I called his house, and his mom picked up. I asked her when Brian would be getting back home, and she said 11. Eleven!?! Fwah! Doesn’t he realize that I have to tinker with them, print them out, and prepare them for photographing before school? And I was planning on going to sleep at 10:30? Of course, I was more furious when I realized that today was not Sunday, and I’d have tomorrow to finish, but I’m still a bit miffed about it. Frowl. I just hope that I have enough time to photograph the images during Break. If I do so, I can pass the film on to my mom and she can take it to get developed. It takes 3 hours to develop slides, so I’d want to get it done before noon. Then my mom will pass the slides on to me so that I can have them for Monday rehearsal. I have to have them either Monday or Tuesday, because we have to practise with them. The show opens Wednesday. Ye-gods. ::runs around panicking::