Ok, this version is better. You can see the colouring in his robes, there’s more shadow in his face, and I added his freckles. You know, now would be a good time to tell Starling my real name…

Fellow RMLer Liz sends me this story…

“I was talking with my friend Andrea about ISAS and that i was getting to see
you and i mentioned WIAN and she was like ‘Oh my God, your FRIEND does that
website! Oh my god, I would SO LOVE TO MEET HER! Oh my GAWD, that is SOO
COOL!’ “

I feel loved! It’s stories like this that keep me from deleting my stas account in a fit of annoyance. If you’re out there reading this, Andrea, you rule!

Hey! Where’s my “How to Succeed” CD? I bet YOU took it! Fess up now and give it back!