Kell talked about irrational childhood fears yesterday. I think I’ll add to the pile.

1: When I was younger, I was always terrified that when I walked through elevator doors, they’d close on me. I would always jump through the opening as fast as humanly possible to avoid this. My sister laughed her head off at me, because she was all cool and mature in her 2 1/2 years to my senior.
2: Parrots. I was terrified of parrots. When I was about 7, I went to my friend Brittany’s house. She had a parrot named Sinbad. We were hiding from it (the parrot was evil) when I decided I would take it back to its “cage” area. I held out this stick they use to carry him, he climbed on, and I was bringing him to the cage area, when suddenly the parrot flew to the top of the stick and dug its nasty little beak into my thumb. Blood was everywhere. Luckily, I didn’t have to go to the hospital or anything. I just have a crescent-shaped scar to show for it, but I hate all parrots with a passion. After that adventure, Brittany gave Sinbad away.
3: I’ve never really been afraid of heights. I’ve been afraid of things I like (ex: notebooks, cameras, etc) falling from them! I don’t care about myself falling from them; I just don’t want to lose my stuff!