Holy flying wads of ducttape on a hot tin roof, Batman! I just got Flash 5 and Freehand 9 today while hanging around SMU. Both products are $400 normally, but I got them together at an educational discount for only $150! And it’s the full version! And I saved $650! Boo yeah! God, I love living 5 blocks away from a college. Woo, with Freehand, version 1.0 of The Nine Muses is going to rock the spockmonkey. ::squeals in complete and utter joy::

Hey, is anyone else here from Texas? Are you going to ISAS? Leave a comment. We can make bigplans! I’m going for my photography stuff. And I’m rooming with my best friends, Chungy and Nancy! In room 42! How cool is that? YAAAAYYY!!! ::explodes::