Has everybody seen these? Hehe, this is so nifty. Hermione looks like she’s about to lay the smackdown on Harry and Ron. And I love that expression on Dudley’s face. And the boater! Ha! But Ron looks seriously disturbed in that third pic. (tee hee! I wrote “siriusly” at first!) And where are McGonnagall’s glasses! And Dumbledore is going to give me nightmares. What’s with that hat? And his beard looks fake. Bah! And Snape (I think it’s Snape… he’s sitting next to Quirrel) looks even more messed up than I imagined. Of course, Rickman is going to be an awesome Snape. I’ll just keep imagining him saying “By Grapthar’s hammer, you shall be avenged” all througout the movie. And what’s this in the last pic? DAN’S HAIR IS TOUSSLED! THERE IS A GOD!!! erm… yeah.