I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for Henry VIII-related history. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that before she married Henry, Catherine Parr (his last wife; she outlived him) lived in Snape Hall! Ha! Then William Cecil, the numero-uno advisor to Queen Elizabeth (one of Henry’s daughters), turned the hall into an Elizabethan ‘Castle’ by adding the towers and battlements in 1587. ::giggles:: I can’t wait to tell Ms. Radtke, my English teacher. We read “A Man for All Seasons” (a play about Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More) this year, and I’m also the one who got her hooked on Harry Potter. Yay! Ooh, and I lent the French edition to Mme. Hanlon, my French teacher, and she loves them. We’re probably going to mention them a whole lot more in class now. ::evil cackle::