Protest the Moronic Casting of Avatar: The Last Airbender!

For those who aren’t aware: Avatar is a popular cartoon series based in an Asian-inspired world, yet for the live-action movie, Paramount is casting whites in the heroic leads while relegating people of color to villains and extras. Two of the heroes set to be played by white actors are brown-skinned, belonging to an Inuit-based culture in the original series, and the third hero, also set to be played by a white actor, is from a Tibetan Buddhist-based culture. This is dumb and frankly offensive.

If you’d be so kind as to sign the petition, I’d really appreciate it! It takes thirty seconds.

Most online petitions are worthless, but this one is going straight to Paramount, MANAA and the EWP. It’s absolutely worth the 30 seconds to sign and the two minutes it takes to spread the link in your blog or over email, if you think your friends/readers are likely to be interested.

Check out and the LJ comm aang-aint-white for more info.

(Ganked from bzzinglikeneon and quietrevolution)