More from the Half-Hour News Hour. I think I had a dream like this and woke up in a cold sweat. So… how is this political satire? Or even a parody of the news? I’m reminded of the “President Al Gore” SNL sketch, except that was actually funny and delightfully self-deprecating.

I can’t see how the Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter sketch would be funny at all, except as a horrific morality tale or self-deprecatingly like Al Gore, though I can’t imagine a twit like Limbaugh or a lunatic like Coulter being self-deprecating.

Ease the pain by checking out the Official Site for Oshawa’s Stephen Colbert Day.

In other TV news, House was picked up for a fourth season, and BSG was picked up for 13 episodes of a fourth season, with the possibility of extending it full-length. Sweeeeet.