Bleh. Yesterday was scary. I couldn’t stand up long enough to make myself food without getting dizzy and nearly blacking out and/or throwing up, so I didn’t actually eat anything until like 5pm. And because the only food I had in the fridge was leftover take-out, I had to contend with veggie fried rice. Guess it doesn’t help to live above a grocery store when you can’t stand up for more than a couple minutes at a time.

Today, while a HUGE improvement over yesterday, I’m still feeling vaguely nauseous and sleepy, despite only being awake for a sum total of about 6 hours yesterday. I called in sick again at work, saying I’d try to be in at noon. However, just as I was getting dressed, I was suddenly hit with another bout of TMI, so that didn’t happen. I should be fine by tomorrow, but urgh. Unpleasant.

Fortunately, Jayna (a girl my roomie and I knew from Hockaday) is staying with us for the weekend, and she made toast for me. I feel much less miserable just having someone around.