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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yes. That's the episode Dresden should have started with. Much better than the other! It's far from "great," but at least it wasn't actively bad. Good snark, good perviness from Bob, and significantly less deus ex machina-esque (yet still annoyingly contrived) weapon for Harry. We actually saw Harry doing some magic, which was nice, and the most galling break from canon was the notion of Harry actually eating vegetables on purpose. The writers still have quite a ways to go (Lesson One: The audience is not stupid. A toddler could solve these mysteries), but for now, I approve.

Plus: holy shamoley, Batman! They were laying on the Harry/Murphy shippage like icing on an expensive cake! On a scale of one to "Something Borrowed," it was at least an 8.7, and that was from the Russian judge. No wonder Valerie was comparing their dynamic to "Moonlighting." Now let's back off a bit, yes? While I love me some Harry/Murphy shippiness, I don't love two-by-fours to the cranium etched with "THIS IS WHO YOU SHOULD BE SHIPPING, KTHXBAI."

No episode next week because of the Superbowl, but the week after: BUTTERS! Complete with "I *heart* Polka" shirt under his labcoat! Gotta love those tiny details where the creative team reassures the audience that yes, they've read the books, and yes, they adore Butters as much as we do.

P.S. Did people see MiniMurphy's crayon drawings hanging in Murphy's desk? That was adorableness squared. And the batty evidence cop was hilarious! I hope we hear from her again later this the season.

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