My god! American Idol next door sounds like a yowling cat. I want to knock on his door, then when he answers it, throw an old boot at him.

Looking through my latest posts, I see I have not properly documented this boy’s exploits. I can summarize in a few simple points. He:

  • Couldn’t hit a high note even if a friend held the high note still, so that it couldn’t fight back.
  • Could probably carry a tune in a bucket, but at least half of it would slosh over the sides and fall in the mud.
  • Has been singing “Hallelujah” almost nonstop for the past week. Dude, I can deal with you singing badly, but you do NOT get to do so with that song.
  • Has so far ignored *two* of my requests to please go downstairs to one of the soundproofed music practice rooms if he’s planning on singing another 20-30 minutes straight. That’s what they’re FOR.
  • Used to have a Rick Santorum sticker on his door. Just saying.


For the handful of Dresden fans in my readership, they posted Chapter 1 of White Night on Jim’s website.

And OMG, my childhood! Salute Your Shorts and Legends of the Hidden Temple t-shirts!