From Twitter 02-22-2011

  • 02:03:44: RT @DoctorWhoNY: Started #whedonistas on the plane. Same great style as Chicks Dig Time Lords. A good read so far. Good stuff from @madn
  • 08:48:43: I didn’t pay much attention to current events while in D.C. Now catching up on Christchurch and Libya and Wisconsin. My jaw is on the floor.
  • 10:59:39: It is STUPIDLY COLD in the office. I’m wearing my sweater and heavy coat, and I’m still cold. I can barely type, as my fingers are frozen.
  • 11:28:12: via Kelsey and Helen — Grammar Nazis!
  • 12:17:53: Coworkers and I are seriously considering finding a metal trash can and starting a hobo fire for warmth.
  • 12:47:03: RT @nzherald: Google has developed this people finder for the Christchurch earthquake. #chch #eqnz
  • 13:00:17: RT @mightykatemusic: it’s been a while since I’ve posted this – check it out if you haven’t seen it!
  • 13:00:46: @mightykatemusic Oh, wow. I must’ve missed it the first time around. Beautiful!
  • 14:02:00: Email Etiquette II: the negativity bias via @the99percent
  • 14:11:52: Your Daily Badass: Three Kenyan men vs. Fifteen hungry lions
  • 15:44:42: New Hyperbole and a Half! The Scariest Story: Thanks for making my entire office erupt in laughter, @AllieBrosh!
  • 16:28:42: RT @victoriajanssen: it bears repeating. FIVE of the SIX Nebula nominations for novel were written by WOMEN!!! – The List: http://bit.
  • 17:04:08: via @Esperacchius, Han-in-Carbonite and R2D2 ice cube trays! WANT!
  • 17:12:16: Dear Priscilla, Opening your Amazon orders and gazing longingly at WISE MAN’S FEAR will not make it arrive any faster. You’re being creepy.
  • 17:18:05: @ShannonKButcher Is he hiding under the stairs because he loves you? Glad to see he’s safe with his packmates!
  • 18:46:49: It’s Not Jackie Chan!
  • 23:08:04: Came home to the heavenly aroma of baking brownies. Someone’s eating salad for lunch tomorrow!
  • 23:17:03: @MickeydotFinn You’re welcome. :D

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