From Twitter 02-20-2011

  • 00:02:19: RT @DoctorLongscarf: A Dalek, a Rabbi & a nun are in a rowboat. Rowboat sinks due to weight of Dalek. Dalek’s can breathe underwater.#da …
  • 00:02:28: RT @DoctorLongscarf: A Dalek dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter begs for mercy. None is granted. #Dalekhumour #DoctorWho …
  • 12:27:20: Shenanigans were had with @ksmccarthy24 and @myyrdneopia!
  • 19:27:23: RT @myyrdneopia: “Is that a puppy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” -@sergeantmurphy and #dresdenvalentines
  • 19:27:28: RT @ksmccarthy24: Victor Sells: “Your heart is mine, Valentine.” #dresdenvalentines
  • 19:27:32: RT @myyrdneopia: “I want your firstborn.” —Maeve, #dresdenvalentines
  • 19:27:40: RT @myyrdneopia: “Nice shoes.” —@WeDontSparkle, #dresdenvalentines
  • 19:40:14: .@ksmccarthy24’s Declaration of Independence is signed by ZARTRAM THE MERCILESS.
  • 19:40:32: Explored the National Museum of American History with @ksmccarthy24. We have seen things that are RIDICULOUSLY COOL and learned many facts!
  • 19:44:19: RT @nytimes: City Room: Wallet Lost 40 Years Ago Now Is Found
  • 20:02:45: @myyrdneopia I TOLD YOU. *draws hearts all over THE NAME OF THE WIND* Nine days until WISE MAN’S FEAR!
  • 20:03:21: RT @OKBJGM: “baz luhrmann’s ‘the great gatsby’ in 3-d to shoot in sydney.” uh…what’s RIGHT with this picture?
  • 20:05:47: @Esperacchius They mostly send out mass emails for the No Pants Subway Rides and MP3 Experiments. The group is way too big for most pranks.

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