From Twitter 07-26-2010

  • 00:38:50: Ack! Both halves of the hotel room cost were charged to my credit card! Fortunately, customer service is being very helpful.
  • 00:40:51: @ksmccarthy24 @SeananMcGuire should distribute a “Retinal K-A And You” pamphlet for such occasions.
  • 00:43:10: @seananmcguire Hurrah! Though I feel I should have a say in this whole fire-killing business. Ah well, at least my soul shall smell of pine.
  • 01:11:31: @longshotauthor @Amilianna The force rings were written into pre-SF chronology with WTTJ. We Consultants had to track them religiously!
  • 01:16:45: Customer: Hey, is the ghost story out yet? Me: @longshotauthor is working on it now! It’s out in March. Him: No, the one by @AmberBenson.
  • 01:16:48: I am the worst Penguin Booth groupie ever. :D
  • 01:35:39: @throughthebrush This is how I felt about Lee Pace in “Marmaduke.” I love you, but WHY?
  • 01:36:42: @leverus Well, when a stork and a lady stork love each other very much…
  • 01:37:17: @grabman Please tell me you’re stitching a “Home Sweet Home”-style “So Say We All”.
  • 01:40:30: Going to sleep at 10:30, because Comic Con has made me an infant. Sweet dreams, Twitterverse!
  • 10:30:33: As I was getting in the car to go to SIGGRAPH, I realized I’d left my resumes in the house.
  • 10:31:04: Soon after, I found that the keys I was given don’t work, and I’d locked myself out. This bodes well.
  • 11:52:00: I just drove an hour to the wrong 1201 Figueroa Street. Seems the Convention Center is at 1201 *S* Figueroa St, which is N of N Figueroa.
  • 11:52:41: It’s not yet 9am, and today already needs a do-over.
  • 12:53:19: I think I am the only person at this conference wearing a dress.
  • 19:48:50: I ate a cookie FOR SCIENCE. @metacookie is kind of awesome. I love #siggraph!
  • 20:53:35: I am jazzed for AN ARTIFICIAL NIGHT b/c @seananmcguire writes AWESOME, loveable characters. Can’t wait to share head space with #tobydaye.
  • 23:59:41: @ksmccarthy24 Just got home! I have a number of things on my To-Do List for the evening, but I always have time for Katness! You still up?

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