Day 03 – Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

What a perfect day to talk about how much I love White Collar! For those who don’t follow my Twitter, I visited the set of White Collar today (filming on my walk route to the F train) to try to nab new participants for Project Teddybear. Willie Garson (Mozzie) was the only big name on set at the time, but as I belatedly realized I only had one signature tag in my camera bag, this way I didn’t have to embarrass myself. :D I’m so grateful to the crew for allowing me to wait around, then facilitating our brief meeting. The photo turned out ridiculously cute!

So yes. Good grief on a stick, I adore White Collar. Everyone on the show is awesome, and above all, competent. This isn’t one of those shows where you have some characters carrying the Idiot Ball to make another character look cleverer–everyone is pulling their intellectual weight. There are so many characters who could easily have been played for laughs or as goofy caricatures–Peter and June particularly–but the show refuses to walk that road. Competence! We likes it.

And THANK THE GODS, it has a strong, functional marriage! And strong women! Elizabeth is brilliant, funny, has a life beyond keeping her husband’s dinner warm, and has a trusting relationship with her husband. She’ll get upset with him when it’s warranted, but she’s more likely to laugh at him than argue. And the OT3 writes itself. I considered using strikethrough for comedic emphasis there, but no, I am not ashamed. It’s true. I see you googling for fic.

Another awesome point, which I technically made earlier in this post: It’s filmed in New York. It’s not like Castle, which is supposed to take place in New York, only to make me fall over laughing when they try to depict any major landmark. Oh, honey, that’s not what Grand Central Station looks like. *pets* But New York is all New York on White Collar! I get a little thrill of delight when I recognize some building in the background. And when I get a fan favourite actor to participate in a breast cancer fundraiser… well, that’s just gravy. :D

In conclusion, Matt Bomer needs to play Thomas Raith in The Dresden Files: The Movie. And Natalie Morales I adored from The Middleman, so it’s always good to see her on my TV. I feel no shame in referring to White Collar as “The Thomas Raith and Wendy Watson Show.” Except how Natalie’s character was woefully underused to the point that she was eventually completely phased out, though I’m glad to see the return of the aide from the pilot episode, as TV needs more awesome lesbians. And as “The Thomas Raith Show” is kind of unfair to all the other fabulous characters on the show, I may have to retire the nickname.

But yes. White Collar. It’s good, fun TV, and my favourite new show this season. Can I have season 2 yet?