Katness is doing a 30-day TV meme! Because nothing short of an Act of God gets me to blog nowadays, I shall ape her.

Day 01 – A show that should never have been canceled
Kat said Middleman, which would’ve been my answer, too. It’s gleefully absurd, stuffed to the gills with geektastic sci-fi references, and infused with genuine heart. Plus, it soars triumphantly over the Bechdel Test, whooping and hollering with awesome lady character joy. Natalie Morales in a catsuit as a plot point should also not be underestimated. ART CRAWL!

But because Kat got there first, I’ll pick a different one. I think a “Veronica Mars at the FBI” would have been awesome, but as seasons 2 and 3 couldn’t quite capture the brilliance of Season 1, I’m not going to suggest it shouldn’t have been canceled. Except how everything else on the CW sucks, and I’d have rather seen something else get the axe. But yes! Something else!

Wonderfalls was pretty freaking brilliant, and canceling it after FOUR EPISODES WERE AIRED is stupid beyond measure. Fox’s sole purpose seems to be to create awesome shows, then squash them flat as soon as I fall in love with them. I can easily imagine its formula growing tired and stale if it continued much longer, but it was still fresh and thriving when the end came, and if the DVD commentary from the creative team was any indicator, there was more greatness to come. Stupid Fox.

I’m still sore about Pushing Daisies, so I’m going to go with that. This show is guaranteed to perk up the foulest mood, except when you emerge from the high and realize that no new episodes will be produced, and you delve back into depression. This show was part star-crossed fairy tale, part Hitchcockian homage, and a feast for the eyes and the heart.

What shows do you miss most?

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