From Twitter 04-25-2010

  • 10:37:38: At work today to make up the time I missed when I had to leave on Friday. Glad I chose rainy today instead of gloriously sunny yesterday!
  • 11:47:34: Lisa and I did get @jenisicecreams yesterday, btw. Alas, Salty Caramel was neither salty nor caramely. More like a good coffee ice cream.
  • 11:52:25: RT @viennateng_news Shows added! Supporting Brandi Carlile from June 3-13 in New Jersey (etc) // OMG YES
  • 12:00:47: @jenisicecreams Neither of us really care for coffee ice cream. Is it heresy for us to crumble up a bit of pretzel in the salty caramel? :D
  • 12:02:19: @jenisicecreams I look forward to trying some of the other flavors, though! I’ve heard rave reviews from @fredhicks.
  • 12:06:21: Arg, why is the Teng/Carlile gig in Atlantic City? Why won’t Brandi come to NYC? This must be what it’s like to live EVERYWHERE ELSE.
  • 12:13:00: I just realized that I’ve started referring to NYC as “the city” in a non-ironic way. Should I feel dirty?
  • 14:27:53: RT @aratarat: backpacks aren’t people
  • 14:46:13: RT @whedonesque: [ Post ] Amber Benson is among the authors contributing to Breast Cancer Charity “lisa walks”.
  • 15:16:32: Virtual Sistine Chapel: (not for the faint of modem!)
  • 15:25:17: While google searching for work-related stuff, I came upon a high-res photo of shirtless Jamie Bamber. BLESS YOU, INTERNET.
  • 15:26:42: This totally makes up for the times I had to google “shirtless child” or “obese man.”
  • 15:35:08: @Asselberghs Clearly, you just did. :D You have permission to ask another!
  • 15:54:06: @Asselberghs The Mistborn series (@BrandonSandrson) hit a lot of the same happy buttons for me as Alera.
  • 15:58:11: @Asselberghs Don’t read a lot of military stuff. For coming-of-age clever protags: Vorkosigan saga, The Name of the Wind, and Locke Lamora.

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