From Twitter 01-27-2010

  • 00:57:00: I just thought of this again: @destroythemeek and @fourteenacross need to be killed with shovels.
  • 08:46:18: @Uilos I see that happen all the time! I’ve done it once or twice myself. I’ve never seen anyone get busted. It’s like jaywalking.
  • 09:00:47: Mega-weird dream. Ran into @Jamie1km and family at SDCC–all in costume–though he recognized my Molly costume before he recognized me.
  • 09:01:01: Then I went to the restroom, and someone tried to shoot me through the door. Someone was on the other side–bullet holes frothed with blood.
  • 09:01:11: I waited for her to run out of ammo and enter, then I set the assassin’s costume on fire with the lighter she was holding and RAN.
  • 09:01:30: Dear Subconscious, WTF? Love, me
  • 10:39:18: @leverus Here are six: “bathysphere,” “mongoose,” “zesty,” “cephalopod,” “odorless,” and “shimmied.” 2994 to go!
  • 10:42:13: I love this article about a Wisconsin inmate barred from playing D&D in prison. The jokes write themselves!
  • 10:44:02: “Man bludgeons man to death with a Sledgehammer of Might, with a +9 against boyfriends.”
  • 10:44:22: I wonder if he traded cigarettes for a vorpal sword.
  • 10:44:50: I can just imagine the guard’s reaction when he discovered the game. “A paladin? Lawful good? Tell that to a jury of your peers!”
  • 10:47:21: D&D “promotes (…) competitive hostility, violence, addictive escape behaviors, and possible gambling.” Ergo, @FeliciaDay > Al Capone.
  • 11:04:40: Is there a way to save and view PDFs on the iPhone? Suppose I could use the Dropbox app, but I’d rather it not be internet-dependent.
  • 16:27:01: I just found one of those “remove before wearing” tags in my jeans, which I’ve had for a month. I’m such a rebel.
  • 19:28:50: @ShannonKButcher The government will be fine with the “Queen” title. Just send a picture of yourself in my Maeve tiara at PhauxCon. Proof!
  • 21:44:51: ::snorks:: One of my coworkers just dubbed me “SAT,” because I can pronounce unusual words. Nice to be the English geek among the CG nerds.
  • 23:07:51: @fredhicks Let us know if you find Thorned Namshiel!
  • 23:21:40: RT @OKBJGM: fox is now the most trusted news outlet in the USA. coming soon, mobile seppuku stations!

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