From Twitter 01-24-2010

  • 11:41:44: I just slept ten hours. DECADENCE!
  • 11:50:34: @nelspen Katy gave us advance copies at the sneak preview party. She is wonderful! I’ll buy one for you at the CD release party on the 8th.
  • 13:40:27: Ha! Just discovered that amand_r, the YuleSanta who wrote me awesometastic Molly/Carlos, is a friend of @fourteenacross! Fandom is TINY.
  • 13:41:33: Said awesometastic Molly/Carlos fic: I love it THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much.
  • 13:50:50: RT @mental_floss: Watch an octopus open a jar, escape through a one-inch hole & more. 8 Amazing Octopus Videos:
  • 14:07:41: Using Amazon’s MP3 downloader for the first time. It downloads directly into my iTunes library, DRM-free? That’s just hot.
  • 14:12:08: Thanks, Dad, for introducing me to Brandi Carlile! Have listened to “Looking Out” approx 50 billion times in the past week.
  • 15:33:09: eee! My roommate just got back from a month in India, and she brought me a gorgeous cashmere scarf, green-blue with gold accents. LOVE IT.
  • 16:46:36: Dear Ice Cream Truck, It’s the end of January. Why are you making rounds in my neighborhood? Love, Priscilla
  • 16:49:34: @jeffeastin I love this show to a ridiculous degree. Thanks for the sneak preview!
  • 18:15:27: RT @nickjfrost: @nickjfrost Nick, we’re aiming to get #kickcancer the number one trend. Please RT (via @Ian_Stokoe)

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