From Twitter 12-29-2009

  • 18:26:22: RT @laughingsquid: “Never a Year Like ‘09”, the 2009 year in review animated video by @jibjab
  • 18:32:11: RT @NathanFillion: This reminds me of good times. Enjoy. // I miss my brilliant, canceled space cowboy show!
  • 18:50:07: RT @viennateng_news: Show added! 1/09 New York @ City Winery. Vienna & Alex share the bill with @WPAmusic, Jeff Daniels, & @GrantLeeTwee
  • 18:55:43: Had lunch with Mr. Loh, my high school advisor and sponsor of the engineering club, and Ashley, a fellow member of said club. Memories!
  • 18:58:10: Yesterday, nabbed a bunch of cute consignment store jackets and button-up shirts I can wear to dress up my t-shirts. GEEK FASHION, FTW!
  • 19:18:10: RT @smuu: The Ruins of Detroit (click the arrows for the amazing pictures):
  • 19:18:54: RT @KevinConn: SWEET! Just in time for #indycomicbookweek, @MidtownComics has LAVA-ROID listed on there site:
  • 19:29:01: Played the Character Guessing Genie ( with Elend Venture of @BrandonSandron’s “Mistborn” trilogy. It guessed Jesus.
  • 19:29:15: Elend Venture: He’s Like Jesus, In A Way.

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