My Weekend To-Do List. One item for each colony!

  1. Visit Kinko’s and scan/fax music pages to a friend for an upcoming concert (Fri)
  2. Unpack the suitcase from Dallas I still haven’t unpacked, and finish washing all the dishes I received yesterday. (Fri)
  3. Go on an 8-mile walk with Lisa and friends, culminating at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. Eat something appallingly American. (Fri)
  4. Contact friends of the family, in hopes they might be able to spread the word about my roommate search (Fri)
  5. Have the Apple Geniuses solve my iPhone and portable hard drive woes (Sat)
  6. Glamor the Potential Roommate visiting Saturday night into choosing me over any other options (Sat)
  7. Find a futon (whenever it stops RAINING)
  8. See “Coraline: The Musical” (Sun)
  9. Decide which photographs I want to submit to the Soho Photo critique for potential membership in their gallery, track down the negatives, get them re-scanned at higher resolution, and print and matte them. (Can I do it by July 11th? If not, next review not until September)
  10. Replace kersploded bowls and glasses. Buy superglue and fix the platter.
  11. Find time to work on Secret Project. Maybe turn on John Adams or 1776 in the background.
  12. Catch up on all the Dresden comic art I need to approve.
  13. Do laundry

I love vacations.