Is it just me, or is Domino’s Pizza Tracker kind of insane? Order Placed / Prep / Bake / Box / Delivery? “Mohammed began custom-making your order at 9:38 PM”?

More like the Too Much Information Age.

Something really unsettling happened yesterday! I nearly walked into some dude on the street, and for a split-second, I thought he was my father. I got that blast of dad-recognition, followed by intense, joyous surprise, all of which was over in an instant. Then I saw he looked absolutely nothing like my dad, and the moment was gone. So weird.

This will only be funny to people who watched last week’s Middleman (Flying Fish Zombification) and have read Proven Guilty (8th Dresden book), which means… probably only one of you. Oh well. I’m entertained!

Cut scene from Proven Guilty:

Harry: So talk. How’d you wind up in jail?

Nelson: I’m not sure what actually happened. I was in the bathroom—

Harry: What bathroom? Where?

Nelson: At the convention.

Harry: Convention?

Molly: *points to her SplatterCon!!! button* It’s a horror movie convention.

Harry: SplatterCon? Never heard of it.

Molly: No, SplatterCon (*jazzhands*).

Harry: That’s what I said.

Molly: Yeah, but you didn’t do the (*jazzhands*). SplatterCon (*jazzhands*) is spelled with three exclamation points on the end. It’s pronounced “SplatterCon (*jazzhands*).”

Harry: *stares. a long, long time.* You trick me into coming bail your boyfriend out under false pretenses, interrupting some very important work that could very well save my bacon in the next few days, and you expect me to do (*sarcastic jazzhands*) every time I say the name of some ridiculous convention?

Molly: *silent yeep*

Harry: [to Nelson] Okay, what happened in the bathroom?

For everyone else, here’s Zac Effron inadvertently dancing to the “Gaston” song. Renata needs to see it RIGHT NOW.

Dear Soon-To-Be-Not-President Bush,

Birth control medication isn’t only used for birth control, you utter and complete jackass. For many women, it is used to regulate hormones and prevent us from suffering cripplingly painful cramps. I went on birth control years before I even kissed a boy, and now you want pharmacists to be able to exercise some kind of blind, wildly innacurate moral judgment against me, to automatically brand me as some kind of nymphomaniacal painted jezebel and refuse me the medication it is THEIR JOB TO DISPENSE? Hell no!

Guess what: birth control isn’t always contraception, and CONTRACEPTION IS NOT ABORTION. In fact, you right-wing asshats should love contraception, as it decreases the number of abortions performed. Contraception is specifically designed to prevent unintended pregnancy.

This is not an abortion debate. This is not a morality debate. This is common freaking sense.

How long until you’re out of office?


Read more about the issue here, then sign the Planned Parenthood petition and call your Congressman. Get angry, people. This feckless behavior needs to be smacked down yesterday.

Oooh, they’re closing one of the three Starbucks locations within a block of my office! Horrors!

Will any of you be affected?

So. Penny is Bad Horse, Y/Heck Y?

  1. That conversation about how sometimes people have hidden layers? HAH.
  2. It’s by JOSS WHEDON. The sun rises in the east, fangirls squee at slashy subtext, and Joss writes kickass female characters. Penny is certainly admirable, but… Come on.
  3. Bad Horse is talked about waaaaay (neiiiiiigh?) too much to not be a plant.

I guess we’ll find out on Saturday! In the meantime, enjoy brilliant Doctor Who/Doctor Horrible icons.

Last night, on my teevee…

Just saying.

(Seriously, what was up with that dress? Dude deserved to be auf’d.)

Part 2 of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is up, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the past two days incessantly humming the delightfully catchy music from part 1. Having realized that trying to watch the episodes over and over at work could become problematic, I clipped out the songs from parts 1 and 2, for my listening enjoyment.

Grab ’em if you want them, with one caveat: if/when Joss releases an official CD, buy it. Support Joss and Nathan and NPH and Felicia and all the folks that gave their time for free to create this gem of a production. Don’t be lame!

If you Girl Scout pinky-promise to be un-lame, download here! Zipped .mp3s, 10.6MB.

Track List:

  1. Doctor Horrible Intro
  2. With My Freeze Ray
  3. Bad Horse Letter #1
  4. Will You
  5. Will You Reprise
  6. A Man’s Gotta Do
  7. A Man’s Gotta Do Reprise
  8. I Cannot Believe My Eyes
  9. Bad Horse Letter #2
  10. Story of a Girl
  11. Brand New Day

I’ll do the same for part 3 when it’s posted on the 19th.