This will only be funny to people who watched last week’s Middleman (Flying Fish Zombification) and have read Proven Guilty (8th Dresden book), which means… probably only one of you. Oh well. I’m entertained!

Cut scene from Proven Guilty:

Harry: So talk. How’d you wind up in jail?

Nelson: I’m not sure what actually happened. I was in the bathroom—

Harry: What bathroom? Where?

Nelson: At the convention.

Harry: Convention?

Molly: *points to her SplatterCon!!! button* It’s a horror movie convention.

Harry: SplatterCon? Never heard of it.

Molly: No, SplatterCon (*jazzhands*).

Harry: That’s what I said.

Molly: Yeah, but you didn’t do the (*jazzhands*). SplatterCon (*jazzhands*) is spelled with three exclamation points on the end. It’s pronounced “SplatterCon (*jazzhands*).”

Harry: *stares. a long, long time.* You trick me into coming bail your boyfriend out under false pretenses, interrupting some very important work that could very well save my bacon in the next few days, and you expect me to do (*sarcastic jazzhands*) every time I say the name of some ridiculous convention?

Molly: *silent yeep*

Harry: [to Nelson] Okay, what happened in the bathroom?

For everyone else, here’s Zac Effron inadvertently dancing to the “Gaston” song. Renata needs to see it RIGHT NOW.