This past week, Tanja, Rebecca, and I have also been hanging out with Johanne (bartholdy on LJ) and her friend Katrine. Yesterday, we went separate ways. Here’s what happened to them last night:

“Okay, people. We went to see Wanted tonight after dinner. We just took a random cinema. Bought ticket. Came back half an hour later. Suddenly police and people everywhere. We were confused. We went in, which was pretty difficult, but we were eventually allowed because we already had tickets. We are in a room. There is nothing in there, except two guys in suits and some people selling popcorn. Down the stairs, 2 meters away, comes Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Christopher Nolan. We totally unwittingly walked right into the opening of Dark Knight. I am still shaking. I was THIS close to everyone involved with presumably my future favourite movie. And I kept whispering Christian Bale… Christian Bale… Christian Bale, without even noticing. Thank you, New York.”