Eddie Izzard! WHOO!

He was absolutely freaking hilarious. In his delightfully tangential style, he delivered another spectacular series of ruminations on everything from religion to American politics to Wikipedia to soup. By the end of the show, I felt exhausted from laughing so hard for so long! I’m so thrilled that I had the urge on Friday morning to check if any tickets had been released. It had been sold out for ages! I WIN, UNIVERSE!

Though while I don’t want the utterly atrocious experience afterward undermine how fabulous the show was, I really have to vent.

I am not some entitlement snob that insists stars MUST come out afterwards and sign autographs and take pictures with every fan that asks for it. We pay our money to see them perform, nothing more. Anything else is just gravy. However, if a star is not in the mood to greet his fans (which I totally understand–I know how draining tours are), I ask that an official representative come out and tell the fans his decision early on, so they aren’t waiting for hours for nothing. It’s just common sense. When an official representative comes out after an hour and says he will be coming out through this door, if we’re willing to wait a bit longer, that’s just freaking unprofessional.

The fact that the heat index was in the eighties and I nearly fainted does not affect my opinions on this matter at all. Hey, I got a cute nickname out of it: Fainting Girl! Thank you, random waiting dude and random waiting woman for giving me your water bottle and cookie. They certainly helped sustain me for the two hours and forty minutes we waited in vain, before we were informed that he had left through the front door twenty minutes ago.

So yeah. Someone somewhere along the food chain of Eddie Izzard’s support staff deserves a piece of my mind and a kick in the pants.