Yay, my LoudTwitter drivebys are working! Now all my silly one-sentence musings can be encapsulated in one daily post, so I don’t spam people’s flists.

So! Last night was kind of hilarious. Boy came over at 9 to cook me a flower pot chicken. I chopped up veggies and raided my leftover stash for rice while he took care of chicken-related duties. We stuck it in the oven, only to find an hour later that the deeper meat was still woefully undercooked. So we stuck it back in for thirty more minutes, to no avail.

At this point, it was 11:30, so we raided my leftover stash once more and had a feast of teriyaki chicken with sauteed onion and rice, thai chicken crepe, and cashew chicken. I’m a big chicken fan, clearly. It was most excellent! And by the time all the rest of the food had been warmed up, the flower pot chicken had been adequately cooked, so I’ll have some lovely leftovers from that. We win! I love getting free lunch delivered every day at work.

Check out the trailer for Bolt, Disney’s next offering. It looks like crazy fun!