Tonight, I’m interviewing Raoul Bhaneja for The Butcher Block. Thanks to Jimmy for helping make it happen!

I randomly found out he’s doing a one-man version of Hamlet in NYC this week (the 19th, 21st, and 25th–I have ticket for the 25th), and I thought it might be keen to see if I could swing an interview. The director, Robert Ross Parker, is co-founder of the Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company (one of the most entertaining, innovative, unique troupes I’ve had the fortune to discover), and as Jimmy has strong ties to the company through his podcasting shenanigans, he was able to forward my email to Robert, who contacted Raoul. Jimmy is like a ninja or something. I got an email back from Raoul one hour and two minutes after sending Jimmy my message! Zounds!

From the brief phone conversation Raoul and I had yesterday to set up the interview, it sounds like he’s involved in some awesome projects. His schedule is fairly tight, as he’s escaping the city on the weekend to shoot scenes for Warehouse 13–something I’m very interested in, as it’s co-written by Jane Espenson, one of my favourite TV writers. Amusingly enough, it co-stars Joanne Kelly, who played Bianca on the Dresden TV show. Small world!

Raoul also mentioned that Paul Blackthorne is in town, filming episodes of Lipstick Jungle, and that he expected Paul to come to one of his performances. If so, he said he’d pass my name along. Who knows–maybe I might end up snagging an interview with our Harry! :D