Oh my god. I feel tetchy and aggravated and tired and I swear I’m going to bite the head off the next person that adds another task to my staggering To-Do list. I need to buy groceries and I need to do laundry and I need to freaking SLEEP IN for once. And I need to go back to the frame store and get those stupid two millimeters of foam core chopped off the bottom so I can freaking hang my posters already. And I want to be well-rested enough so that I don’t sound like a zombie when I try to record the next episode of the podcast, which is already a week late and getting later every day. And I want to be in a frame of mind in which getting home on a Friday night in time to see the Battlestar Galactica finale at 10 does not feel like a crowning achievement. And I want to have time to go to a MOVIE for once, as I still need to see Prince Caspian and I’m curious about Hulk, and wasn’t Lee Pace in some really trippy-looking movie that seemed kind of interesting?

And I want to take a personal day but I can’t, because everyone is as crazy and put-upon as I am, and ARGH.