Oh my good lord. UnchartedGilligan’s Island meets Lost–is a work of brilliance. Why do I find it so hilarious? When I was a wee little Prislet, Gilligan’s Island was the first TV show I became enamored with. Yes, laugh. I set our first programmable VCR to record the reruns when it came on at 4am on weekdays, then watched it when I got home from school. I read the small handful memoirs that had been written about it. I wrote Mary Sue fanfiction before I even knew what Mary Sue fanfiction was. I set a general precedent for how I would treat every single other TV show or book series I would ever love. My poor parents had no idea what they would be in for. :D

Rowling writing short Marauder prequel story. Nice. Of course, ever since Makani drew this picture, I’ve been unable to picture them as anything else but hopeless nerds.

WHAAAAAAAT. They’ve cut Trelawney from the HBP movie! Along Bill, Fleur, Percy, the Gaunts, Moaning Myrtle, and apparently EVERY OTHER CHARACTER IN THE BOOK. Isn’t it supposed to be two movies? What the heck is left? Besides, y’know, Snape killing Dumbledore.

Gorgeous octopus jewelry. I want one of those rings.

Torchwood season 3 to be a mini-series. A bit “huh?”, but maybe this is what it takes for the show to be coherent. :D

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