I mean, I only got half a weekend! Less! I worked until midnight on Friday and spent 11 1/2 hours at work on Saturday. Then I slept half of Sunday. And now I’m supposed to accept the notion that it’s MONDAY? Go peddle your lies somewhere else, calendar!

…Bush just compared himself to Lincoln. Several times. The first of which saying that Lincoln’s approval rating probably wasn’t very good either.

He’s like a parody of himself.

Woah! The guy that played Tommy in last night’s Torchwood is NEVILLE’S OLDER BROTHER. That’s just… neat.

Also, where is my old school Steampunk Edwardian Torchwood fanfic? Give them to us, precious!

Edit: Speaking of Matt Lewis, HOLY HOTNESS, BATMAN! I’m going to heeeeeeeeeeell. Can we be magically transported to the happy day when he is no longer jailbait?

Further Edit: I fail at math. I thought it was 2007. SWEET, HE’S 18! Not making me feel any less like a dirty old woman, though.