Now that’s what I call inspirational.

Senior McCain Adviser Refuses To Campaign Against Obama. Said McKinnon (the senior McCain advisor in question), “I would simply be uncomfortable being in a campaign that would be inevitably attacking Barack Obama. I think it would be uncomfortable for me, and I think it would be bad for the McCain campaign.”

When is the last time a candidate has inspired that kind of emotion from members of an opposing political party, to say nothing of members of the senior staff of the opposing party’s de-facto nominee?

This is one more reason why I support Barack Obama.

It’s official: WGA strike is over! 92.5% of guild vote in favor of strike’s end. *does a groovy dance* I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the brave writers who stood their ground for fair treatment and fiscal compensation for themselves and for future generations of writers, despite knowing they would suffer financial losses in the process that will likely never be recouped. I thank the members of the SGA, show crews, and more, who stood in solidarity with the writers even though they themselves would see none of the benefits of the strike, risking their livelihoods in the process.

Check out this Variety article for the status of your favourite Network shows, but here are mine:

Pushing Daisies: Renewal called a “no-brainer,” as it’s one of ABC’s top-rated scripted performers. Received a 13-episode pickup, as is standard practice among frosh skeins. Will wait until September before making a grand re-entrance, so ABC can give it a proper relaunch.

House: Fox plans to extend the regular TV season in order to take advantage of late-delivered episodes from shows including “House.”

Heroes: With its elaborate serialized storyline, it is expected to take the summer to regroup. It will return in the fall.

Does anyone know of a good article that addresses cable and other pay channels? I’d like to know what to expect regarding Psych (season finale this Friday, WOE!), Burn Notice, and Dexter.

I’m currently watching what I imagine is the last episode of A Daily Show, assuming this means Jon’s writers and the absent The will come back tomorrow. Yay for showing viewers how utterly crazypants Huckabee is. How the heck is he still in the race?

Of course, I can’t stomach McCain either. MY REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: YOU CANNOT HAVE THEM. Hands off my Roe v. Wade, you 71-year-old man! Shouldn’t you be old enough to remember the outrageous death rate due to septic complications of pregnancy as a result of illegal, unsafe abortion? A problem that has been virtually eliminated today? Even if abortion is illegalized, abortions will still happen. Except the end result will be a dramatically increased number of women who suffer severe ramifications to their health, sometimes leading to infertility or death? Just read this doctor’s truly heroic story.

And when did this entry stop being about the writers’ strike and start being about me soapboxing for reproductive choice? Uh… Hey! Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars again! Sweet!

Aaaaaaaand I lied. See what Robert J Elisberg has to say on the matter. Hopefully it’ll be over soon.

I don’t care about the Oscars. I just want my Pushing Daisies back next fall. (Okay, maybe I care a little about the Oscars. I want to see the three musical numbers they do for Enchanted. But mostly Daisies.)

BOOYEAH! TRY TO DISENFRANCHISE THIS! My Texas driver’s license satisfies your criterion of “Government-Issued Photo ID,” silly poll worker. “New York” was never stipulated. I WIN!

This is the most ecstatic I’ve ever been about voting for a candidate. I had full-fledged Dean fever, but he was out of the running by the time Pennsylvania’s primary came around. I was overjoyed at the prospect of voting Bush out of office, but I never felt the passion for Kerry that I did for Dean and as I do for Obama. And now, here we are. My ballot has been cast. I can’t wait to see how the chips fall when the polls close tonight.

If you’re registered in one of the twenty states holding primaries tomorrow (today? It’s nearly 2am and I’m still at work…), take a moment to hear what Lawrence Lessig has to say about his perception of the difference between Obama and Hillary, and why he’s supporting the former.

After that, unwind with a bit of political silliness: Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC? Ironic that John Hogman, who plays the PC in those ads, is both a Mac user and an Obama supporter. :D