So! Last week!

1. Kristin finished her paaaaaaaainting, and it’s awesome! Clickyclicky! Bask in the pretteh!

2. Jimmy’s friend canceled on him at the last minute and I got to go to see Save the World with him, which was cute and inventive! Lots of great dialogue. They managed to do a lot with a very low budget. (And no, contrary to what the article says, Jossverse hat-trick Jonathan Woodward was alas not a part of the cast. His replacement was quite good, though.) Thank you, Jimmy!

3. Last night, who would come to my roommate’s dinner but IANA. Iana was an exchange student from Bulgaria who was in several of my classes, participated in JETS, and ended up staying with my family over the first half of Christmas break. I knew she went to Amherst undergrad, but we never really kept in touch after she went home. Turns out it was my roommate’s family that she spent the second half of Christmas break with, and they did keep in touch! Now she’s working here in Manhattan at an investment banking firm. Man, what is it about New York that calls forth all the Hockadaisies?

4. Friday, I finally brought my TV!Bob drawing off the back burner and up to the forefront of my list of priorities! I started it waaaaay back in July as a prize for the Save Harry campaign, but what with the move and the overtime and the new computer, I got a bit derailed. Upon looking at it again on Friday, I was promptly horrified with the quality of the line art, and I spent much of the weekend shifting around proportions in Photoshop or re-drawing the portions that needed it. Today, I’m SO EXCITED about it. This is definitely a piece I’m going to be proud of! I can’t wait to (re)start coloring.

5. Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?