My god. It’s canon.

Friends have expressed sentiments along the lines of “Dumbledore is gay. In other news, the Pope is Catholic and bears go number two in the woods,” but the fact that JK Rowling stated this so nonchalantly is alone cause for squee. Of course it should be stated nonchalantly! I really wish she’d disclosed it sooner–what was she afraid of?–but without thinking about it too hard, I’m generally happy. It’s a rather naive hope, but these books are so well-loved by so many millions of fans, if this in any way contributes even slightly to destigmatization of gay people among even a tiny segment of younger readers, I will do a freaking dance.

And the best part? Fandom is going to stay EXACTLY THE SAME.

As JKR hammers the final nail in the Neville/Luna coffin, I offer congratulations to the Grindledore shippers! Now when do the Sirius/Remus fans get our turn? :D