My god, do I have some flashing neon sign above my head saying “CRAZY PEOPLE, TALK TO ME!”

So this woman randomly approaches me and asks me if I speak Spanish. I told her no. She then proceeded to sit down next to me and tell me about this masterpiece poem she wrote this afternoon, blathering for like fifteen minutes before RECITING THE ENTIRE POEM IN SPANISH FROM MEMORY, looking at me as if she expected me to tell her how much it had moved me and how it is truly the masterpiece she lauded it to be.

I made comments like “I wish I knew Spanish” and “I don’t know Spanish, but it sounds beautiful to my ear,” but SHE KEPT TALKING. Then she continued to talk, telling me about this poetry recitation club she belonged to and her experience with awful New York hospitals, then recited ANOTHER POEM IN SPANISH. All in all, she must have talked to me for thirty minutes. I need to figure out a polite way of telling people “GO AWAY.”