Turned in my paper! 12-15 page limit, and mine was a few inches onto the 15th. I look forward to rereading it after I’ve actually had a good night’s sleep, and I prepare myself for horror. I’m generally quite pleased with it, but seeing as how I had a minor revelation five minutes after turning it in, I’m crossing my fingers that the TAs don’t notice that small hole in one of my arguments.

In other awesome news, I finally got the color working on my printer! The yellow hasn’t worked all semester, no matter how I may curse at it. But last night, when I was printing a draft, I noticed that my black cartridge was low, so I printed “Color” black rather than “black” black. To my glee, halfway through the first page, the yellow started printing. I’m not sure I’d be this excited if I’d gotten more than three hours of sleep last night and more than four the night before, but oh well.

Now, I begin studying for my Physics midterm! It’s in 4 1/2 hours! Tra-LA! Can Hiro stop being fictional for a sec and stop time long enough for me to take a nap?

Y’know, now would be the perfect time for me to start drinking coffee. Shame I never will.