After six weeks, CollegeBoxes has given up the search for my boxes, and they’re just sending me a check. ARRRRRGH! Kiss that Pterry-autographed Discworld Family Values poster goodbye. I hope he comes through Philly again before I leave. Does anyone know when Making Money is coming out? On the other hand, it’s nice to finally get that sense of closure so I can just re-buy all the stuff they lost, and Ko and I won’t have to deal with no telephones or pot lids or trash cans or shower curtains or measuring cups/spoons or my laundry hamper or my lampshade or my upright pillow etc etc etc.

Fortunately, most of the stuff is very replacable. It’s just a matter of tracking everything down and buying new stuff. I’ll stop by the bookstore and Radio Shack tomorrow when it isn’t raining, and I’ll try to find all the stuff I originally got at Bed Bath and Beyond on their website. What a hassle. The faint silver lining is that I get to pick out new posters! The old list: Serenity, Rent, Star Wars (Darth Vader “Who’s Your Daddy?”), Hero, Lord of the Rings: TTT (with Merry and Pippin), Discworld Family Values, The Incredibles, and Moulin Rouge.

My Amelie and Corpse Bride mini-posters survived, as they were put in one of the boxes that made it, and I’ve already bought the Veronica Mars noir-style poster, and I’m thinking about one of those weird international Serenity posters to replace my dearly departed American one. Oh, eBay, sing to me your sweet siren song!