I’m knocking down pins left and right! This morning, I just finished my Film Analysis paper on The Piano and the “Bluebeard” story, and though I might tweak it a bit before I turn it in tomorrow (I’m going to ask my Fairytales professor to look over it after class tonight), it’s in a state that I’d feel good about turning in.

The Physics quiz is over with, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t get *all* of the questions wrong! I actually feel pretty good about the way I set up the problems, but I’m sure I had some major screwups when it came to combining powers of ten and whatnot. Not bad for a couple hours’ studying to catch up with three weeks of “huh?”

Last night, I finished reading White as Snow for my Fairytales class, so go me. I know next week we’re doing “Little Red Riding Hood,” but I’m feeling like I could sleep for a hundred years.

My computer graphics assignment is still daunting as all get-out. As daunting as a near-totally blank screen can be. I talked to the TAs and they gave me a few suggestions for where I should look for tutorials and whatnot, and they recommended a book, which I just picked up at the store. I’m going to talk to my professor during his office hours this afternoon and get his signoff for me to get a tutor, and possibly an extension.

And I have a math exam Tuesday, proving that IT DOESN’T END.